Spring 2017 Ed.

Stand for Justice Gala
Levitt & Quinn Stand for Justice Gala 2017
September 16, 2017

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Our Founders
Ziva Sirkis Naumann
Ethel Levitt (1911-1995)
Grace Quinn (1915-2006)

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 A Message from the  Executive Director
I think it's fair to say that we find ourselves in unusual times. It seems like every day we face new policies and decision-making that point to an uncertain future. Uncertainty can trigger confusion, and sometimes even crisis. And yet, challenging times can also present opportunities, but only if we are willing to take some risks.  Thirty-six years ago our founders responded to a federal budget crisis by taking a risk to create a new nonprofit that under their stewardship would eventually grow to become a leader in innovative nonprofit service delivery.

We are releasing our 2016 Annual Report today. I hope you'll take a few moments to read it.  In it we share how we built on our founders' vision and ventured to improve how we serve those who would otherwise fall through the cracks of what feels like an ever-eroding safety net. Yet, the true joy in this adventure has been the people who join us in our new endeavors. Our list of partners and stakeholders continues to grow. Happily, we are discovering that there are many people of cooperative spirit who deeply care about our communities and who bring their individual abilities to our collective effort.

With them, we will continue to mine this storm for the opportunities that will allow us to come through this challenging time stronger and more resilient than ever.


Ana M. Storey
Executive Director 
Just Released: Our 2016 Annual Report

As you read through our   2016 Annual Report, we hope that you, our friends and stakeholders, see yourselves reflected in its pages. Your ideas, labors, and dollars all contributed to our ability to carry out our mission in support of the communities we serve. 

You helped us to make quality and responsive services affordable so that our clients don't need to choose between paying for basic necessities and critical legal help.We also share about new goals for the coming year, and hope you will join our efforts in 2017 and beyond!

From Crisis to Stability

While out one day, Beverly saw her cousin Tammy on the street. Tammy was visibly pregnant, homeless, and suffering from a drug addiction. Remembering her own past struggles with drugs, Beverly took Tammy into her home. She kept Tammy sober and fed during the final month of her pregnancy. Tammy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but her addiction was too strong. She promptly left her baby with Beverly, returning to the streets and back to drugs. Beverly didn't want this baby entering the foster care system like so many other children of addicts. Beverly instead went to court and obtained guardianship.  But when Beverly tried to file for adoption, she ran into difficulty. Like many others who try to go it alone for lack of resources, Beverly got the paperwork wrong.  And her past was coming back to haunt her. Learning of Beverly's prior drug use, the court's investigator was expressing reservations about Beverly's history that could keep her from adopting the baby. 


Levitt & Quinn's Legal Services Director, Lucia Reyes, helped Beverly to correctly complete her court papers. Lucia made sure that each birth parent received notice of the case, and obtained their consent for Beverly to complete the adoption. Lucia helped Beverly gather letters of recommendation from those who have known her in sobriety, improving her chances at a favorable outcome. With Levitt & Quinn's expert help, the court had everything it needed to grant the adoption. Despite her fears, Beverly's 8 years of sobriety and her good deeds were enough to show the court that she would provide a loving future for this little girl. Read more client stories here.

Leadership Council: A Pathway to Growth
As part of a 2014 board strategic mandate, Levitt & Quinn has pursued new ways for stakeholders to become involved with the organization. We invited key Levitt & Quinn supporters and volunteers to join the newly constituted Leadership Council. Taking the place of our former Advisory Council, our Leadership Council members employ their skills, interests, and resources in promoting Levitt & Quinn's mission and serving as ambassadors of the organization.

The Leadership Council's co-chairs are Heather Serden and Ricky Rozen. Heather is an entrepreneur and founder/CEO at  Above the Glass, an online resource center that provides information, tools, and support to help women launch businesses. Ricky is an associate at the law firm of Carlton Fields; his practice focuses on complex civil litigation, real estate, community associations, commercial collections, foreclosures, bankruptcy, and alternative dispute matters. We look forward to the value that the new Leadership Council will bring to the organization under the guidance of its dynamic and passionate co-chairs!
Cy Pres Awards
Have you ever considered what happens to residual funds from class action settlements or judgments that cannot be distributed to class members? Known as cy pres awards, these funds can be available for distribution to legal services organizations and are an important source of funding for organizations across the country. The parties to the class action lawsuit, their counsel, and the court play a role in deciding how to disperse the left over funds. 
By choosing to direct funds to qualified legal services organizations like Levitt & Quinn, the parties and the court stay true to the underlying purpose of the class action - making justice accessible for people who would otherwise not be able to get relief in our legal system. And this is what Levitt & Quinn does every day.  To learn more about supporting Levitt & Quinn through cy pres, visit levittquinn.org/cypres/
Levitt & Quinn is hiring!
Do you know of a great attorney or development person interested in making a difference? 

For underserved families in crisis, Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center is the leading provider of legal services and support delivering timely, accessible, and innovative family law services. Our team of dedicated lawyers, legal assistants, and volunteers stabilize families every day, securing orders about custody and support, returning abducted children to their custodial parent, and facilitating adoption of children in need of a safe and permanent home.

We are currently hiring for the positions of  Development Manager and  Staff Attorney to help support this work. We also have wonderful fellowship opportunities that maximize the unique skills, interests, and experience of law students and recent graduates to best help us meet the needs of our client community. 
The 2017 Stand for Justice Gala proudly honors: 
Judge Hank Goldberg, Steve Mindel, and First Foundation Bank
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