March 2019
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DOVES Partners with Feeding America to Provide for Clients
The struggle to avoid hunger affects many DOVES' clients. Escaping an abusive relationship often means that a survivor loses a source of income, housing, health care, or child care - at the very same time they face increased costs due to relocation, legal assistance, etc. The intersection of economic insecurity and domestic violence often traps survivors into an endless cycle of violence and poverty. Food insecurity is a common outcome that survivors and their children must contend with. DOVES strives to facilitate the economic independence of all clients and recognizes that helping clients gain access to food is an essential service. 

In 2018, DOVES began partnering with Feeding America to distribute food to survivors of domestic violence. The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people in need with food. Feeding America secures donations from national food and grocery manufacturers and partners with various food banks and pantries that can distribute food to people at risk of hunger. When the DOVES pantry needs restocking, staff members travel to a Feeding America distribution center where food can be purchased for a minimal cost. The food pantry at the DOVES outreach, which once only housed shelf-stable items, now offers frozen and refrigerated foods due to the recent addition of a large freezer. Access to supplemental food promotes a sense of safety and security that survivors of domestic violence desperately need.  
DOVES is Now Offering an Evening “Life Skills” Group for Survivors
Life skills is a new group created to accommodate clients who are looking for some more guidance and assistance with tasks such as resume building, job searching, house hunting and other important assignments. DOVES purchased several chrome books so that our clients could use them (and wifi!) for whatever it may be that a client is looking to achieve. Life skills was created due to an increase need for help with online related activities (student loan applications/taxes/Cash aid/registration renewal – an on). Several of our Spanish speaking clients are coming in and working on learning English with the help of our Latino advocates. We are utilizing online programs and videos to assist clients in learning a new skill. Our hope for this group is to provide time and assistance to clients so that they can continue to move forward with their personal goals. This class is offered every other Thursday in the evening to allow some more flexibility in scheduling with both work and school. 
It Takes a Team to Help a Client at DOVES
I was thinking about a client that recently moved out of our house and is currently living on her own and it caused me to pause and think about what wonderful teamwork we have in this organization. I needed so many, many individuals to help me get this client to where she is today. I initially needed the help of my co-workers at Lorrie’s House to provide this lady a safe place to stay, food to eat and extensions to give her more time to put her life in order. I needed the staff at Outreach for help with Transitional Housing. They were there for this client to provide help with rent and the initial deposit. They provided advice on how to proceed on this new adventure called, “living on your own.” I also needed the help of our thrift store. The house this client moved into needed to be furnished. The workers over at the thrift store could not have been kinder, or more generous. I spoke with our client today. She is working full time, decorating her new home, communicating with her family and connecting with her new advocates at Outreach. It truly has taken a DOVES' Village to help this wonderful lady.

- Sharon Knapik, Shelter Advocate
Join us for DOVES’ upcoming 40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training
Twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, DOVES staff provide a comprehensive training on domestic violence and advocacy work. DOVES offers this training at no cost to community members in an attempt to raise awareness and understanding of this difficult subject. We recommend the training for anyone who’s interested in working or volunteering in the field of domestic violence, as well as for those who already have jobs or passions that center around caring for others and making a difference in the community. This spring the 40-Hour Training will begin on April 26 th  and there are still spaces available.
Anyone interested in the training should reach out to Program Manager Quinton Page for more info. 909-866-1546 or
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Denim Day - April, 24 2019

This year marks the 20th celebration of Denim Day. The inspiration of Denim Day came from the 1992 case of a young girl who was raped by the driving instructor of a behind-the-wheel class. The perpetrator was arrested, tried and convicted, but he appealed his case and the Supreme Court overturned his conviction. The Chief Judge reasoned that, “because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans, it was no longer rape but consensual sex.”

This ruling outraged women in the Italian Parliament, who all came to work the following day wearing jeans to show their solidarity with the victim. The protest spread and the first Denim Day was born, and it is now observed in the United States as a way to raise awareness about sexual violence and correct the misconceptions that surround it. There is never an excuse for rape, and sexual assault is never acceptable.

DOVES is asking you and your employees to support Denim Day by wearing jeans, a denim shirt, or blazer to work on April 27th. Send us a photo of you and your staff wearing denim to and we will repost it to our social media.
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