January 2018
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Many Clients Benefit From DOVES' Group Classes

DOVES offers group classes at its Outreach Center and at its shelter, Lorrie’s House. These classes provide survivors of domestic violence a safe place to come, share their stories, learn new information, and most importantly to support one another. The themes of these classes for January included “Creative Healing”, an art class focused on healing from traumatic experiences, led by advocate Dawn Hull; “Healthy Relationships/Domestic Violence Education”, where survivors can become better educated about the lesser known details and tactics of abuse in order to avoid future abuse, led by Becca Flores; “Healing from Trauma”, a group led by licensed therapist Tonya Schour, which offers an opportunity for DOVES clients to learn new ways to live as they recover from the impact of domestic violence; and “Crochet Café”, an open forum for survivors to talk about anything that’s been troubling them, while also learning to crochet.

DOVES has also partnered with “The Mom and Dad Project” in Big Bear, so that our clients who are parents can receive the help they request when it comes to raising little ones. DOVES is always looking to expand the ways in which we can enrich the lives of our clients, and we utilize their feedback in order to have groups and other services that they most desire. We’re very grateful for those people who come to our groups to share their stories and offer support to others going through similar trials. 
Board Member Feature: Cory McClintock

Tell us a little about yourself:
I grew up in Big Bear and lived in several states, coast to coast, following graduation from Big Bear High in 2002. I returned to Big Bear in 2015 to be closer to family and serve at Community Church. I have been married to my wife, Danielle, for 14 years and we have 2 children: Ellie, 8, and Conor, 3. I am a musician and currently the Worship Leader at Community Church and a Parent Educator and Data Analyst for the Mom and Dad Project. I have a Bachelors in Business from Warner Pacific University in Portland, Oregon.

Why did you choose to join the DOVES board?
I believe in the mission of DOVES and was honored to be asked to be a part of it. The service provided to the valley is important, necessary, and incredible and has positively impacted countless lives. As a parent educator I have the opportunity to work with families to create safe environments for their children, and as a board member at DOVES I have the ability to continue this work by supporting an outstanding organization.

What is your favorite part about working with the DOVES organization?
Honestly, I have much to learn from the other board members and am enjoying this opportunity for growth. But also, I enjoy hearing about all of the people that are having their lives changed by DOVES; knowing those stories that sometimes go untold and seeing the impact in our community that sometimes goes unseen. It is a good work that we do!

What do you do for fun?
I have a very active and involved daughter so we do a lot of coaching of sports teams and selling of Girl Scout cookies which is fun! In my free time, I also enjoy learning new music and learning to play new instruments. I also like puzzles.

What is your favorite quote?
“Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Jedi Master Yoda
Lorrie's House: A Client's Story

"I felt so scared when I first came here. I could feel myself soften up and not always be so hard. It became obvious that I could talk to anyone and not just carry stuff around. This really became our home. It was so comfortable to see my kids doing simple things like eating in the kitchen and watching tv. My son especially received such positive energy and love. As a result, he was successful beyond any expectations I ever had for him."
February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Our Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program is well under way at Big Bear High School. Staff members are working with every freshman studies class to teach them what healthy relationships should entail. Below are the topics for classes at BBHS:

  • The differences between healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships

  • What to do if you’re in an unhealthy/abusive relationship

  • How to help others in unhealthy/abusive relationships

  • The role that technology plays in relationships

  • How to maintain healthy relationships

  • Understanding the challenges people face when trying to leave abusive relationships 

In addition to working with freshman studies classes, our Latino Advocate works weekly with the ESL class to cover topics about healthy relationships, bullying, home life, and life as a teenager.
We are proud to present Team Worldmark of Big Bear Lake with a Certificate of Appreciation. Maintenance Manager Mike Duran and his Guest Services Manager Misty Dudley have been very instrumental in the continued success of our Thrift Store. In addition to the steady stream of generous donations, Mike has kindly supplied us with appliances and kitchenware for our transitional housing units. Misty has also donated many food items that help stock our shelter and pantry. Thank you Team Worldmark of Big Bear Lake for your continued support, your generosity goes a long way in allowing us to help others.
Assistance Given in January
Individual Counseling Sessions - 111
Crisis Calls - 117
New Clients - 9
Temporary Restraining Orders Issued - 1
Looking Ahead:

DOVES will have a booth at the Polar Plunge on March 3rd at Veterans Park. The event starts at 10:00am. DOVES works to combat dependent adult abuse and we support the Polar Plunge and their efforts to raise money for the Special Olympics.
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