February 2018
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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Denim Day is April 25th

DOVES is asking members of the Bear Valley community to support survivors of sexual assault by participating in the 19th annual Denim Day for Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 25th.

The inspiration of Denim Day came from the 1992 case of a young girl who was raped by the driving instructor of a behind-the-wheel class. The perpetrator was arrested, tried and convicted, but he appealed his case and the Supreme Court overturned his conviction. The Chief Judge reasoned that, “because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans, it was no longer rape but consensual sex.”

This ruling outraged women in the Italian Parliament, who all came to work the following day wearing jeans to show their solidarity with the victim. The protest spread and the first Denim Day was born, and it is now observed in the United States as a way to raise awareness about sexual violence and correct the misconceptions that surround it.  There is never an excuse for rape, and sexual assault is never acceptable.
Board Member Feature: Nicole Natzic

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a mom to Hayley (23), Kiersti (20), Hunter (17) and Ryder (12) and I have been married to DOVES Board Chairman, Michael for 25 years. I work as a Client Associate for DA Davidson and am also a Mary Kay Consultant. I graduated from UC Riverside with a Bachelors in Business and a minor in Psychology. Currently, I am the president of the Big Bear High School Booster Club and Backers Booster Club. I am also a member of the Steven G. Mihaylo board and the DOVES Board Secretary.

Why did you choose to join the DOVES board?
With Michael being involved with DOVES for the past 14 years, the organization has been an important part of our lives. Joining the board seemed natural.

What is your favorite part about working with the DOVES organization?
Service to others is something that is extremely important to me. I love being a part of an organization whose goal is to help those in need.

What do you do for fun?
Anything I am doing with my family is my idea of fun. Whether taking a vacation or spending a quiet night at home watching a movie, family time is the best time.
A Month at Lorrie's House

During the month of February, we had a total of 12 clients stay in our house. These folks consisted of 8 adults and 4 children. Three of the children attended schools in the local school district. Their stays amounted to 208 bed nights and 176 meals served. Not everyone at our shelter receives counseling, but during this month 9 counseling sessions occurred. Four classes were taught at the house. We provided childcare on 13 different occasions, so a mother could attend a class, receive counseling or meet with her caseworker.

All of this requires a great deal of team work, which we are lucky to have in abundance at the shelter. Shelter Managers know that they can begin a task and pass it on to a colleague with the assurance that it will be completed. We take the time to thank and really appreciate each other. In our line of work, that means a great deal and allows us to keep providing great services for our clients.
Thank you Big Bear High School

February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and DOVES staff celebrated the occasion by going to Big Bear High School and talking to students about healthy relationships. With a lot of positive participation from the students Dawn, Becca, Laura and Quinton were able to discuss topics such as red flags in relationships, the difficulties of leaving abusive relationships, and ways to help a friend or family member who might be going through abuse. DOVES is very appreciative of the opportunities that the Bear Valley Unified School District has afforded us to engage their students, and would like to thank the faculty and students alike. It’s our vision at DOVES to see a community free of domestic violence, and we know that we can’t accomplish that goal without the help and support of the future generations to come. If you are interested in learning more about teen dating abuse, and what you can do to help, please contact Quinton Page, Program Manager of DOVES at 909.866.1546. 
Assistance Given in February
Individual Counseling Sessions - 111
Crisis Calls - 105
New Clients - 8
Temporary Restraining Orders Issued - 3
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