April 2019
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DOVES Presents to Sugarloaf Property Owners Association
DOVES would like to extend our gratitude to the Sugarloaf Property Owners Association for welcoming Program Manger Quinton Page to present at their monthly meeting. DOVES staff are always happy to share our message and educate folks on the work that we do. We appreciate how much support we have in the community and feel that it’s only with backing such as this that we can accomplish our vision of a community free of domestic violence. During his presentation, Quinton fielded several excellent questions and was grateful for the sincerity and amenableness of the group. The Association also generously provided a large donation of food goods for the DOVES pantry.

If you are a member of a local organization and would like a presentation made on behalf of DOVES, please contact our Program Manager Quinton Page at 909-866-1546 or  qpage@doves4help.org.
A Special Mother's Day for Lorrie's House
I had the pleasure of talking with a client, who happens to be a recent mother. Being so close to
Mother’s Day we talked about what it feels like to be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day. She got a
huge grin and admitted that she had not even thought about it but was excited to hear that we would
be doing something special to honor our mothers. We spoke of the challenges of raising children while
away from family and friends and reminisced about our own childhoods. We enjoyed the fact that we
were born in different countries at different times yet raised with such similar values. We laughed about
babies mirroring our qualities, both the good ones and the bad ones.

This young mother shared that she has “unconditional gratitude” for Doves and all that it has done for
her. She is so grateful for the many basics that we have provided like the food, the warmth of Lorrie’s
House, the clothing, and the companionship of both the staff and the clients. She arrived with so many
questions, concerns and fears. She found such a place of safety in Lorrie’s House. At that time, this was
precisely what she needed. I had the privilege of taking this young woman’s hotline call and I distinctly
remember her voice over the phone. It is such a delight to speak with her now and observe how she has
grown. She has begun to set both herself and her child on a good path and we wish her and all our
mothers a very special and lovely Mother’s Day.

- Sharon Knapik, Shelter Advocate
DOVES is Now Offering Supervised Visitation
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