DOVES Quarterly Newsletter
October-December 2016 
DOVES Outreach - Domestic Violence Awareness Month and holiday events
The past few months have seen a lot of successes for DOVES. October was national Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we took the opportunity to spread knowledge about domestic abuse in our community. 

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Client gains hope with the help of DOVES' transitional living program
"I had been married a year when it became clear my husband was violent and unreasonable. I was homeless when I entered the DOVES’ program. Although the assistance with court and info on what the procedure was to get an annulment and restraining order was helpful, the most help of all was the encouragement of the staff. The Legal Advocate and my counselor convinced me there really was hope. I wasn’t really sure how to protect myself, and they showed me the way; but mostly, they gave me hope. The financial hope was great too! Without financial help I would probably still be without a home. I literally just felt lost and so full of anxiety and these ladies offered encouragement until I was pointed toward hope again."

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DOVES Receives $20,000 Mary Kay grant, plus others to sustain programs 
We are pleased to be the recipients of the Mary Kay Ash Foundation, San Manuel, RedRover Relief, and In & Out Foundation grants.

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DOVES Nest shopper creates 88 dresses for girls in Africa
"Here is picture of the 88 Little Girl Dresses for Africa I was able to make due to your very fair priced items in the beautifully organized notions department under the supervision of Kathy & Jim Baugh! (volunteers)"

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52-year-old woman finds safety at Lorrie's House

"When I entered the DOVES program, I was being financially and verbally abused by my husband.  I had  left from another state to come help my grown daughter.  This made him very angry and I was left homeless and penniless.

The staff at DOVES helped me feel safe by getting me a Safe-At-Home address so that he could not find me and then helped me get in contact with an attorney from my home state to help me deal with the divorce he had already filed for.  With all that, I was safe and and my attorney was working on getting me money so that I could get off the streets.

I learned what domestic violence was and had the greatest support in helping build my self-esteem after he broke it down. I am very thankful to everyone at the DOVES shelter for caring for me and helping me get back on my feet."

Starting at the end of the month we will switch our newsletter format to be monthly instead of quarterly. It is our goal to send our supporters more timely and detailed information on a monthly basis.