Article Below by our Green Team Member: Chris Patterson
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Environmentally Friendly Holiday Ideas (Preview)
* Glitter, Sparkles & Sequins *

These are all examples of micro plastic. This becomes permanent pollution as water
animals, fish, and other lake and ocean food species ingest. We will end up ingesting
micro plastic too. Purchase holiday cards, decorations, clothing, toys, grab-bag and
office gift exchange gifts without any glitter, sparkles, or sequins.
* Gifts *

Start giving away as gifts possessions that have been admired by a friend or family
member. This is re-using in a more meaningful and personal way.

Instead of buying new giftwrap............. use up that existing stash of accumulated old
giftwrap – it makes for very interesting conversation!
* Shopping & Cooking *

Refuse to shop – bake, cook, make music, write a story as a gift instead. This can be
way more relaxing!

Use the good dishes and cloth napkins. Serve tap water. Decorate with nature –
pinecones, dried leaves, etc. Prepare less food-and skip some of the less-popular dishes
to reduce food waste. Use soy candles. Use organic wine at celebrations and bring
organic wine as a gift.

The most important thing we can do to create a ‘green’ holiday is to make it one we can
enjoy. This means connecting to the meaning of Christmas or holiday, whether religious
or personal, and creating meaningful traditions. Christmas and holidays should speak to
you in the way it did as a child; full of magic, wonder and connection.
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