November 20, 2020
DPM Town Hall Nov. 19 - Summary and Recording
Dear Families,

Thank you to those who were able to join our town hall. As you know, during the recent November District 67 Board of Education meeting, it was determined that we will be implementing an adaptive pause for all District 67 students and staff through November 30th.

During the town hall, we provided the latest information on our behavior expectations for in-person and remote learning, as well as other logistics and reminders. Also, we shared some celebrations and highlights from Trimester 1. Here is the video recording of the Town Hall. The questions addressed within this video are listed below in this email.
Upcoming Dates
  • November 18-January 19 is an Adaptive Pause and all students will be remote learning.
  • November 25 - November 27 are non-attendance days.
  • December 1st and 2nd are MAP testing days. This will be completed virtual and more information will be forthcoming.
  • December 9th and 10th are MAP make up days. Again, information will be forthcoming.

Celebration Video
We have so many things to be thankful for and to celebrate from this first trimester. From the amazing Art Kits & PE/Wellness Kits that have been generously provided by our Spirit to the delicious meals provided to our staff during conferences from the APT - we thank you and would like to share this Celebrations Video with you.

Our next Town Hall will be held on December 9th at 4:30 pm with our STUDENTS! We will be answering student questions as directed by StuCrew, our 7th and 8th grade student council, in our All-Student Town Hall Takeover Event. Please encourage your student to join us! 

We are committed to providing updated information in a timely and clear manner and thank you for your continued support.

The DPM Administrative Team
Questions addressed in Town Hall:
  • Recently, attendance issues were highlighted in the last Town Hall and in the last Friday DPM newsletter it was mentioned about Students missing 10% of classes or more. Can you share what percent of students are missing 10% or more of classes? This impacts all students as, oftentimes, the class has to wait for these students to catch up.  What is being done to address this issue?

  • While I understand COVID infection rates are increasing in the County, how is this impacting our DPM community? Are there cases of student to student or teacher to student infections? This metric doesn't seem to be made available to parents?

  • When will IEP students be brought back in the classroom, as they need extra support and attention? My student has a full time aid, what does the aid do during "remote" learning?

  • Why is DPM taking so many days off school during an already severely compromised school year?

  • I assume that since we will be remote for the next 2 months the schedule will revert back to a normal schedule where every student has every core class every day.

  • Looking ahead to when we're hopefully back to in-person learning again, will you be building any processes or structures to incorporate students into the synchronous learning process when they are not able or permitted to attend school?

  • Will SD67/DPM offer free summer school to make up for the overall academic losses during last and this school year? If no, why not?

  • Why is the school not providing better monitoring of students activities online, including video games and YouTube?

  • What other support opportunities will be available for students and families during the adaptive pause?

Thank you to all who submitted questions! See you next time!