President's Corner
As we approach the end of the school season, it has been our busiest year to date! We've secured more than $3.8MM in programs and resources for our 50,000 wonderful children, families, and educators, but more is needed. Help us close the gap on Tuesday, June 25 at 7:30p with a fun evening at The Eastern in Eastern Market, featuring a performance by a rising Cass Tech freshman Zoë Patterson, aka DJ Z-Light! Tickets are $25. We are trying to raise another $80K before June 30th. We hope to see you there, and please go online to donate. Thank you for supporting the DPS Foundation!
Grantee Highlight: Science Enrichment Experiences
Thanks to a generous donation from the Hudson-Webber Foundation and in partnership with Kristie Ford, Deputy Executive Director of DPSCD Office of Science, we were able to give 35 science teachers $1,200 mini-grants. Ms. Kennebrew, a teacher at Denby High School, recently had a culminating event titled the Denby Chemistry Cook Off. Students used the research and chemistry principles they learned throughout the semester to create recipes, using Faygo as substitutions for other ingredients, such as eggs. 

Ms. Kennebrew stated that, "Students accurately described the investigation they’d participated in and explained the research question to their peers. Everyone in this school is talking about chemistry and it is the most amazing consequence of having the funding to engage my students.”
Blog Spotlight: Mental Health Programs in DPSCD
School-based mental health resources are critical in urban environments. Low income children are more likely to experience trauma and chronic medical issues, and less likely to receive the health care needed to address them. Further, students with behavioral health issues are statistically likely to have up to three times as many missed days of school, leading to chronic absenteeism.

To bridge this health care gap and reduce rates of absenteeism, DPSCD has formed two partnerships to provide necessary information and support. The first of these is with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, which will be placing a dedicated health staff in six pilot schools, with the goal to expand into additional schools. Trained staff will provide physical and emotional health support to students and staff, as well as necessary health trainings. The second partnership is with the University of Michigan TRAILS program, which is running an extensive needs assessment of health resources throughout the District. Once it is completed and the data are analyzed by the University of Michigan's Youth Policy Lab, the District will have a better idea of what resources are most needed.
Current Campaign: Educate! DETROIT Public Schools
We are in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign entitled Educate! DETROIT Public Schools, to increase capacity and meet critical needs for DPSCD students, families, and educators. Despite the wonderful progress we have seen in the last two years, there are still many resource gaps within the District.  We are the "Community" in the Detroit Public Schools Community District! Join our generous donors and please give to support our children.
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Work-Based Learning Internship Program
This past semester, 66 students from five DPSCD high-schools (Breithaupt, Cass, Golightly, King, and Randolph) completed a seven-week, paid internship, as part of the Work-Based Learning Internship Program. We are grateful to Ally Financial for their financial support of this program, as well as the 27 host companies that supplied our students with these internship positions.

On May 31st, students and host company staff were honored at a luncheon at our renowned Breithaupt Career Tech Center. The lunch was prepared by Culinary Program students. Participants expressed how grateful they were for the experience, stating that they gained hands-on skills and learned valuable career information.
Save the Date
June 25th: Educate! DETROIT Public Schools Culminating Event at The Eastern
October 8th: 6th Annual Champions of Education at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History
We are grateful for our Educate! DETROIT Public Schools business partners: