Arts Campaign Thank-You
A big thank-you to everyone who supported our year-end campaign, which focused on the the need for arts programs in DPSCD high schools. Currently, out of our 27 high schools, there are only 15 with band, 11 with art, 8 with dance, and 2 with theatre. During our campaign, we highlighted some amazing arts programs we previously funded, including the Chelsea Cultural Exchange Program, the All City Marching Band, the Carr Center Arts Academy, and Rackham Choir's Too Hot Too Handel. Your support will allow us to continue funding programs such as these!
Cycle 2 Grantee Highlight: Pre-K STREAMing at FLICS
In December we awarded a grant to Kimberly Mitchell, a teacher at the Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS), for a hands-on learning experience for Pre-K students, which is focused on science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and math (STREAM). The program provides students with the chance to engage their natural curiosity through tinkering, develop problem solving skills through experiments, and gain new cultural experiences through field-trips to places such as the Leslie Science and Nature Center and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum!
Detroit Advanced Placement Mentors
In 2018, Renaissance High School AP Computer Science Principles and AP Math teacher Mr. Zach Sweet recruited some of his former students to begin the Detroit AP Mentors - a group of students dedicated to encouraging their peers to take AP classes. The students work with Mr. Sweet to explain the financial benefits of taking these classes for college bound students, as well as giving their peers the confidence they need to take on a heavier course load!

The Detroit AP Mentors are also currently working with Ms. Alexandra Vlachakis, The DPSCD Computer Science and Innovation Program Officer, to lobby DPSCD high schools to offer more AP classes, a goal which has been echoed by Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti. The Detroit AP Mentors are now working to plan a mini-conference to provide any students interested in taking AP classes with the information and resources they need to succeed!
Current Campaigns
Red Wings Autograph for a Cause —we are so happy to partner with the Red Wings to promote this generous gift. Justin Abdelkader has chosen Detroit Public Schools Foundation as his beneficiary, requesting $10/item. The total funds raised for each player are donated to their chosen charity at the end of the 2018-19 season.
Let's Read—DPSCD is looking for volunteers for its new campaign to increase literacy rates for K-3 students. Volunteers will help students through workbooks to help improve their foundational skills, as well as supporting pleasure reading.
Our Partnership with CLOZTALK
We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with CLOZTALK, a company that works to promote non-profits and social impact organizations through branded apparel. By designing clothes featuring their logos, CLOZTALK aims to spark conversation and increase support of community-based causes.

CLOZTALK will gift us a portion of the proceeds from our apparel sales, which will help us support DPSCD students while increasing our network reach. Keep an eye out for updates later this month!
Save the Date
February 15th: Deadline for Detroit College Promise and additional scholarship applications
March 13th and 14th: Say Yes to the Prom Dress - a giveaway in partnership with reWEARable
We are grateful for our recent supporters: