Saturday, May 19, 2018
Join Us For A Day of Celebration in Honor of DPYC!

  • 0930 - 1130 Muffins, Music & Mimosas
Gather in the Horizon Bar to watch the Boat Parade and cheer our DPYC
boats. Complimentary muffins, $5 Mimosas

  • 1000 Boat Parade
If you own a boat, please enter the parade. Each entrant receives a wine
tote and a bottle of wine. Prizes for Best Dressed Traditional & Theme

  • 1130 - 1200 Complimentary Champagne Reception
Held in the Main Dining Room and hosted by the Staff Commodores

  • 1215 - 1315 Opening Day Ceremony
Held in the DPYC parking lot

  • 1315 - 1700 Complimentary Luncheon
Jazz music by the Ron Kobayashi Trio

Blue Blazer and White Pants
Nautical or Festive Attire
Either is Acceptable

We want all members to attend and join in the festivities celebrating DPYC!
Don't miss this fun, fun day!
Join the Boat Parade on Opening Day

The opening day boat parade will, once again, be a great success this year! You will want to be part of this beautiful spectacle of our fleet passing in review. Let’s make it even bigger and better this year, so make your plans now! All DPYC boats are invited to participate, both power and sail, that can maintain a speed of at least five knots. Bring your family, friends and racing crew; the more the merrier. Skippers are encouraged to invite other members to be guests on their boat for the parade. Photos will be taken of your boat from the Commodore’s Flagship!
Parade Plan
Boats will assemble at the mouth of the harbor beginning at 9:45 AM. All boats must be under power, and speed will not exceed five knots.
DWYC’s Fleet Captain will lead the parade this year, followed by our Fleet Captain, Scott Schoeffel. It will begin promptly at 10AM. Both Fleet Captains will monitor VHF Ch. 69 so have your radio on to hear announcements. DWYC boats and DPYC boats will alternate in the order. Be sure to follow normal nautical rules of the road. The parade route will follow the Fleet Captain and go through the East Basin and then the West Basin and then return to slips.
In the event of unsuitable weather, any change in plans will be announced on Ch. 69 by 10AM.
Pass in Review
The Commodore’s Flagship will be anchored so that its port side will face the column of boats as they pass in review. The starboard side of the parade boats will thus face the review boat. When your boat’s bow overlaps the stern of the Flagship, someone should be assigned to “dip” (slightly lower) the DPYC club burgee, if possible. Meanwhile, your crew should be at attention on your boat’s rail facing the Flagship as it passes. Render a hand salute to be held until your boats’ stern clears the bow of the Flagship. The Flagship will acknowledge your boat by returning the salute. After passing the Flagship, re position your burgee as needed and tell your crew to lower their salutes.
Opening Day Boat Parade
Members and guests who are not aboard a boat in the parade may view the parade from the DPYC Horizon Bar.

“Dress Ship for Opening Day”
The custom of dressing ships for festive occasions dates back to the early days of sailing ships. When warships returned from battle, their captains would dress ship to signal their victories. Eventually, navies developed sets of regulations about when and how to dress ship for ceremonial occasions. Our Opening Day, boat christenings and parade qualify as ceremonial occasions, so it is proper for us to dress ship to celebrate whether your boat is in the parade or not. The recommended sequence of signal flags is based on a harmonious color scheme and has no meaning in terms of letters or numerals represented by the flags. The recommended sequence is:
AB2, UJ1, KE3, GH6, IV5, FL4, DM7, PO 3rd Repeater, RN 1st Repeater, ST Zero, CX9, WQ8, ZY 2nd Repeater
Flags are flown beginning with “A” at the forward waterline, over the stem and the top of the mast, to the stern and finally to the waterline aft. Power boats too! This is not just for sailboats.
IMPORTANT: If you don’t have a set of signal flags, sets of decorative pennants are available at very modest cost. You can find them at West Marine in their stores or on line, at Amazon and at eBay. However, please DO NOT use the plain single color flags that are seen on used car lots!
See the above photo for an example. Let’s make DPYC’s Opening Day a colorful, memorable occasion!
Dress for the Occasion!
The Officers & Directors will be in formal uniforms and you can do so too, or feel free to dress “yachty”, festive, or nautical. Ladies, don’t be afraid to wear a spring hat!

If you will be aboard a boat in the parade, be safe and wear boat shoes, then change into shore shoes afterward.

Direct any questions to Fleet Captain, Scott Schoeffel at fleet@dpyc.org.
In celebration of DPYC's 66th Opening Day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose May 19 to get married!