Dear Friends and Partners,
On this day we are blessed with the wonderful testimony of Dr. Billy Graham who went home to be with the Lord today on February 21, 2018, a mere 9 months shy of his 100th birthday!
Billy Graham's heart of evangelism caused him to always seek after lost souls.  As the Word says, he would leave the "99" sheep to go find the lost "one".  Ironically at age 99, this great evangelist has left this world to find his eternal home with the Great Shepard.
Dr. Graham is the last General of the church whose ministry launched nationally throughout the United States in the post-war era in 1947, in the same year as the national explosion  of the great healing revival. In 1957 Dr. Graham conducted a nightly salvation crusade at Madison Square Garden for 16 consecutive weeks in reaching millions of people all across America with the salvation message of Jesus Christ.
For six decades millions of people have heard Billy Graham preach the gospel to the entire world via television. He became the greatest soul winner of the church of all time, a calling which he exhibited with such grace and humility all his life. We join the world in sharing our love and condolences with his family as Billy Graham crossed the threshold of time to step into eternity with God for-ever.
Along with the Apostle Paul, we say today "Death, where is you sting, where is your power" since death was conquered this morning as Billy Graham suddenly stood before the throne of the Eternal God of glory.
Literally millions of people over more than a 60-year span had their lives changed by the faithful ministry of Billy Graham as he became an international Ambassador for Christ around the world. His life touched the simple-hearted, leaders of the world and every President in America from Harry Truman to Barak Obama.
We wish our brother the most wonderful rest in heaven and the blessings of God shall follow him throughout eternity, with the eternal fruit of his life and ministry. 
Spiritually Billy Graham is like a Moses to our generation and time, and at his departure the door is open for us, the Joshua generation who will lead the world into the shores of the glory world at Jesus' coming just like Israel of old crossing over into the promised land of God.
By the grace of God we take up the baton, and run with the soon coming last day outpouring of God to fulfill the ministry of Jesus to all the world in the final season of the time of grace on the earth.
To God be all the glory! 
God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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