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Packing List, Bags, and
Clothing Notes

For the current draft of a one-page packing list,   click here. This list has been maintained by our team for several years, and is updated from time to time by suggestions from our team missioners. See something to add or omit? Send it in by June 13 and it will be in the revised list we send out on June 14.

In addition to the list itself, there are three points on bags to keep in mind:

1) Every missioner can bring one bag for personal items. That bag cannot weigh more that 50 pounds. We believe that Delta will charge you US$25 for that first bag. To check Delta baggage charges, click here.

2) Most missioners will be assigned one of our supply duffle bags. Each of those will weigh less than 50 pounds. If Delta charges you for this second checked bag, you will be reimbursed for this charge from our mission team funds if you turn in a receipt for this payment.

3) In addition to these two checked bags, each missioner can carry onto the aircraft one small bag that fits into the overhead compartment and another small bag that can fit underneath the seat. To check on Delta's requirements for these carry-on items, click here.  

In terms of clothing to wear, please be aware that our mission team tries to avoid divisive politics in discussions among the team members as well as with our Dominican friends. Our mission trip is about sharing God's love. Also, please do not wear clothing or hats with political names or slogans. It is also good to avoid clothing with military camoflage patterns. Most adult Dominicans and many school children are aware that the United States military invaded and occupied the Dominican Republic for several months in 1965, and we would like to stay focused on our current mission and not on past history. For more on this 1965 US occupation, click here's June 7. Our mission trip begins in 16 days....

Our trip planning webpage is at the link below: 

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For general information about the history of Christ Church's mission work with our friends in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic,  click here.
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