Everyone needs a roof over their head and indeed, many companies are telling employees to work from home, so in one respect, the rental housing industry is fundamentally sound after an outbreak of the coronavirus. Yet, we have some weighty concerns we take on in this article

We had planned to announce an April event at the Fort Mason center and while that seminar is put on ice, life and commerce must go on.

You are cordially invited to a Friday, April 3 webinar on dealing with hoarding and excessive clutter , which creates very real health and safety concerns, the likes of which are more visible and likely exceed those of a novel virus. 

Bornstein Law has weathered many storms and we appreciate your continued engagement as new challenges arise in many shapes and forms. 
Bornstein Law certainly does not want to be part of any hysteria surrounding the continued spread of the coronavirus, but nor do we want to turn a blind eye to it.

We were looking forward to announcing an April event at the Fort Mason Center, but that gathering has been put on ice. Instead, we are left talking about the most rudimentary of duties for a landlord - to protect life and limb.
Dealing with hoarding and excessive clutter

Friday, April 3 at 1:00 PM
IN DEPTH : Hoarding is a difficult topic we took on here .