Against the background of punitive taxes and an emboldened movement underway to occupy empty homes, Daniel discusses the unique challenges faced by vacant property owners.

With an upcoming webinar on statewide rent caps and eviction controls only days away, you are cordially invited to attend. 

Although AB-1482 has taken center stage in a flurry of housing bills passed in 2019, Daniel summarizes lesser-known legislation that affords greater religious freedoms to tenants.

Finally, San Francisco owners are put on heightened alert that the Office of Short Term-Rentals has re-energized its efforts to enforce regulations and levy punishing fines against hosts who do not comply with the rules to the letter.  We share an example of the letter being sent out to rogue hosts and our in-depth blog here .

Caught in the crosshairs of an affordable housing crisis and a homeless epidemic, vacant property owners are seeing their properties being taken over by unwanted occupants, face punitive vacancy taxes, or both.


Landlords and HOA boards, who can be real sticklers on guidelines to ensure their neighborhoods are in accord, cannot ban the display of religious items on homes’ entry doors or door frames, according to the California Legislature.

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Ominous letter being sent to owners of rouge short-term rentals

Be careful, or you might get a surprise in the mail. See the letter being sent out by San Francisco's Office of Short-Term Rentals and view our in-depth blog.

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