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November 2016
Story of the month
PAGE launches Call for Applications for new Partner Countries

The  Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) launched an  open call for applications  for new partner countries at the concluding session of the  Green Economy Academy  in Turin. The application must be submitted by 31 December 2016.

Workshop Kick-Starts Global Network of Trainers for an Inclusive Green Economy

"Notwithstanding its importance for reaching an inclusive green economy, at first I thought learning about green fiscal reform would be really dry, but with the right training approach it can actually be a lot of fun!". Ms. Donna King-Braithwaite, Environmental Education Officer at the Ministry of Environment and Drainage in Barbados acknowledged. 
Donna was one of the participants of the "Training of Trainers for a Transition to an Inclusive Green Economy", which took place within the frame of the Green Economy Academy.

Green Fiscal Policy Assessment for Mauritius Released 

In Mauritius, the government has embraced the objective of a green economy development path. The country has already come a long way in terms of introducing fiscal policies that promote environmental protection and provide incentive for green investment. 
A new UN Environment study identifies options to reform fiscal policies in the energy, transport, waste and water sectors to revise fiscal instruments to better reflect environmental impacts, induce behaviour change and create additional fiscal space for green investments
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A high-level meeting will take place on November 24-25 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to discuss Mongolia's pathway to sustainable and green development, with a focus on strengthening coordination and up-scaling finance. The upcoming event is being organised by the Prime Minister's Office of Mongolia, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with PAGE, Education for Sustainable Development, the Global Green Growth Institute, the Mongolian Banker's Association, and the International Finance Corporation.
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By Moustapha Kamal Gueye - Coordinator, Green Jobs Programme, ILO.
For the second time, the International Training Centre of the International Labor Organization vibrated to the rhythm of the Academy on the Green Economy This year, the Academy brought together some 150 participants from 35 countries, in Turin, Italy. A gathering of government policy makers, development practitioners, researchers, representatives of workers, employers and civil society organisations - it is a unique forum to learn and share knowledge about and experiences on the transition to inclusive green economies.

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Upcoming Events
PAGE Ministerial Conference 2017
27-28 March, 2017 - Berlin, Germany

How do we achieve prosperity for all on a healthy planet? The PAGE Ministerial 2017 will represent a moment in time to rethink and reframe financial and economic policies for delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement. 

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Financing for the SDGs
7-8 December, 2016 - Bangkok, Thailand

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires financing from all available sources. Resource-rich countries have an opportunity to raise significant public finances to support the SDGs from resource extraction. However, in some of these countries, the fiscal regime, governance structures and capacities affect the scale and use of revenues from the sector

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COP22 - UN Climate Change Conference
7-18 November, 2016 - Marrakech, Morocco

The twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) will take over the reins from COP21 during which important progress was made. It will focus on action items in order to achieve the priorities of the Paris Agreement, especially related to a daptation, transparency, technology transfer, mitigation, capacity building and loss and damages.

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Green Economy News - Around the Web

  • UAE: delegates gather for UN Environment Finance Intiative's 14th Global Roundtable to the role of the finance sector in green economy transition.
  • The Luxembourg Stock Exchange becomes the first in the world to offer a platform for green financial instruments.
  • Making sustainability more transparent: The Global Reporting Initiative launches a new set of standards to provide companies with a "common language" for sustainability reporting.
  • Antarctica: Largest ever marine park created in the Antarctic Ocean. 
  • How is the EU supporting sustainable consumption and production?
About PAGE

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) seeks to put sustainability at the heart of economic policy and practice.

The Partnership supports nations and regions in reframing economic policies and practices around sustainability to foster economic growth, create income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality, and strengthen the ecological foundations of their economies.

PAGE is a direct response to the Rio+20 Declaration,  The Future We Want, which called upon the United Nations System and the international community to provide assistance to interested countries in developing, adopting, and implementing green economy policies and strategies.

Bringing together the expertise of five UN agencies - UNEP, ILO, UNIDO, UNDP, and UNITAR - and working closely with national governments, PAGE offers a comprehensive and coordinated package of technical assistance and capacity building services. 

PAGE represents a mechanism to coordinate UN action on green economy and to assist countries in achieving and monitoring the emerging Sustainable Development Goals. 

Partnership for Action on Green Economy | PAGE@unep.org | www.un-page.org