If you haven't already done so, fill out your child's Emergency Card (distributed by teachers). This is essential information for the school to have on hand in order to contact you regarding your student. 
Please return the Emergency Card by Friday, Sept 1st to your teacher. 

Kindergarten families : please submit your cards at your earliest convenience. Thank you!
Join us for First Friday Coffee on... well, Friday!
8am near the cafeteria

The 10th Annual Miraloma Fun RUN -  10AM on Sunday, October 22 , 2017 at Balboa High School track. Mark your calendars and learn all about our Fall fundraiser
More in the next newsletter!
After dropping off your student, follow the TRAFFIC FLOW shown above. Please do NOT take a left turn into Rockdale, but continue on Omar Way. 

Take a minute to review our Traffic & Parking Guidelines
If your child will be absent or is tardy by more than 30 minutes, please  SUBMIT THIS FORM to the school secretary. 
(No need to call the school)

(as of May 2017)

YMCA Site Coordinator
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August 30, 2017
IMPORTANT: School Meal Applications 
Please submit an online meal application at your earliest convenience, even if you're just indicating "not interested." The expectation is that 100% of our school has an application turned in as the family income information collected is a requirement for SFUSD.

SchoolCafe is a completely new interface that combines the Meal Application with the Multipurpose Family Income Form.
  • Please apply for the eligibility benefits and note that even if you don't qualify it's required to complete the process. 
  • Only fill out one application per family
  • Be aware that the application asks for your Student ID Number which you will find on your registration letter, report cards, and most official correspondence from SFUSD. It starts with HO2 but leave off the "HO" when you enter it.
Every family must submit the School Meal Application (100% participation!) but you only need to submit payment (see below) if your student will be eating school meals and you want to cover the cost ahead of time.

To pay for your student's school meals at Miraloma, please go to MypaymentsPlus.com and submit payment. If your child pays full price for breakfast and lunch meals, you have the option to pay for meals one day at a time or to purchase several meals ahead of time.

Please call SFUSD's Nutrition Services  directly at  (415) 749-3604 . And for what it's worth, I've already given them feedback about the confusing roll-out of the new system!  

Noah Ingber
SEPT 1: First Friday Coffee Kickoff
Join your fellow Miralomans for a cup o' joe, a pastry and some good conversation! Our First Friday Coffee Social takes place every month on the first Friday -- our kickoff event takes place Friday, Sept 1 from 8-9am outside the Cafeteria. Read more  on these monthly get-togethers. 
Please contact us  to help out with First Friday Coffee this year. Additionally, we need your delicious baked goods for the Miraloma community to share. If your talents do not lie in baking breakfast goods, store bought items are welcomed as well. 
Christy Gagan, Jaime Dever and Armigh Carrialez 
Hospitality Committee - hospitality@miralomasf.com
SEPT 1: First Principal's Chat of the School Year
In response to feedback from our last survey, this year we're going to try out a "Principal's Chat" covering various topics once a month following our First Friday Coffee.  

This  Friday (Sept 1) we'll meet in the cafeteria together with Mr. Marcus Wong - our fearless YMCA Site Coordinator - to answer questions and talk about our after school program. 

Hope to see you then!

Noah Ingber
Principal -- principal@miralomasf.com
SEPT 6: Back-to-School Night
Back to School Night is scheduled for 
Wednesday, Sept 6 from 5:30-7:00pm. 

Here are the details: 

5:30-5:40: Whole community meets on the yard in morning circle spots for Principal's Welcome
5:40-5:45: Families Travel to Classrooms
5:45-6:15: Classroom Presentations *
6:15-6:30: Final Questions/Stop by other rooms/etc.
6:30-7:00: PTA Reception in cafeteria
* All families with more than one child attend the class of the oldest sibling

Childcare: please try to make arrangements for your child(ren) to stay at home for this event. Limited childcare will be provided on the yard for school age children only. Drop off and pick up will be in the auditorium.
Thank you in advance for making the effort to join us! 

Noah Ingber 
Principal -- principal@miralomasf.com
: School Site Council Meeting (SSC)
Join the 2017-18 School Site Council (SSC) for their first meeting of the year on Monday, September 11, from 5:45-6:45 pm in the Library.
What is the SSC?
The School Site Council (SSC) is an elected group of an equal number of parents, teachers, and/or staff. The role of the SSC is to advise the principal on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the school's "Balanced Scorecard" which in turn informs the school budget. Learn more here and join us for our open-to-the-community meetings! 
: PTA Meeting & Volunteer Fair
Join the PTA Board and Mr. Ingber for the first PTA meeting of the school year and a Volunteer Fair on Thursday, Sept 14 from 8-9 am in the Cafeteria. Come to the meeting and fair to get involved and have fun making our school great!

Learn more about each Committee and all the volunteering opportunities at Miraloma and get ready to jump in!

And don't forget to sign up or renew your PTA Membership -- renewals are required EACH school year. Did you know there are good discounts and offers to be had with your membership? Learn more!

Brigitta Dougherty
Volunteer Coordinator -- volunteer@miralomasf.com
SEPT 28: Early Release Day is Confirmed
Heads up! Miraloma will have its first Early Release Day of 2017-2018 for Thursday September 28, when the school day will finish at 11:20 am. This date is confirmed.

All confirmed Early Release days for the year are posted to the school calendar now.

Please read more about our Early Release Program on our website. There is a wide range of research showing that monthly early release days benefit teacher effectiveness, and therefore student achievement.  Read more on this here.  We know that arranging childcare can be a challenge so we thank you for your support!

Noah Ingber
Principal --   principal@miralomasf.com
A Note From Our New PE Teacher, Ms. Matarazzo
Physical education is an integral part of a student's educational experience. They learn how to move their bodies, how to perform a variety of skills, and to appreciate the benefits of physical activity. This year, Miraloma Elementary will implement SFUSD's Elementary Physical Education Program. This program is funded by PEEF (Public Education Enrichment Fund), which was passed by voters in San Francisco.  Read my full letter to parents about our program!

Please note that students are required to wear sneakers for PE class.
Amy Matarazzo
Miraloma Elementary Physical Education Specialist
REMINDER: Sing-Along Norms
Due to our very popular Sing-Along time with Ms. Rhonda, we have put into place a set of agreements that allow for our students, teachers, and visitors to enjoy Sing-Along while maintaining order.  Every now and then there is a coffee spill, a distracting younger sibling or a cell phone that rings.  Please review the following Sing-Along schedules and THANK YOU for adhering to our visitor norms highlighted below.

8:05-8:30: 4th and 5th grade Sing-Along

8:05-8:30: Kindergarten and 1st grade Sing-Along 
8:35-9:00: 2nd and 3rd grade Sing-Along 

Sing-Along Norms
  • Students first: Please enter only after all classes have been seated. Please do not move any of the folding chairs placed for student use.
  • Be mindful: This is student instructional time and part of the academic day. All conversations should remain outside the auditorium. Please silence your cell phones.
  • Think safety: Exits must be clear at all times by law. Please enter and exit through the back doors of the auditorium. Access the auditorium from the sidewalk outside the Omar Way doors.
Sing-Along is one of the best things about our school! When we all work together, each experience will be that much more meaningful.

And finally, don't forget to help us sing!

Noah Ingber
School Policies: read up so you know
Please take a moment to review the key school policies and information so that we get off on a good foot this year!

Parking & Traffic
Emergency Procedures
General School Policies
Head Lice Information

Please remember that our play structure is closed before and during Morning Circle. It's closed again at 2:10 pm, after pick-up is complete. This policy helps keep our students safe. We appreciate your cooperation!

Noah Ingber
Principal -- principal@miralomasf.com
Miraloma Elementary School is made great by all of our staff, teachers, parents, and students working together. 

Please take a moment to consider how you can lend a hand and help us continue to improve by checking out our volunteer opportunities or contacting volunteer@miralomasf.com



Recess is an integral part of our children's socio-emotional development. We need to make sure that recess is a positive space for our students with enough adults on the yard to provide supervision. You need absolutely no experience to be qualified for this. You can commit to a weekly or monthly schedule as well as to drop in.
Morning Recess
K/1st grade 9:20am-9:40am
2nd/3rd grade 9:20am-9:40am
4th/5th grade 9:50am-10:05am
Lunch Recess
K/1 11am-11:20am
2nd/3rd 11:30am-11:50am
4th/5th 12:00pm-12:20pm

Pamela Lyss-Lerman 
Recess Coordinator --  recess@miralomasf.com


The Snack Committee needs bin collectors/cleaners after school  on Monday , Wednesday and Thursday - this takes about 30 minutes. 

Additionally, they need help on Tuesday and Thursday before or after Morning Circle to set the snack bins onto the snack cart from the snack refrigerator - this takes about 2 minutes.

Alison Eastwood 
Snack Coordinator -- snack@miralomasf.com
REMINDER: School Communications
We keep all school communications online and digital for your convenience -- and we  consolidate all important, school-wide information into our weekly newsletters, the Dragon Digest. Take 5 minutes to read it each Wednesday!  For more info on our school communications and approach,  please   visit our website.

Here are the basics:
  1. Miraloma School E-mail List
    Official school communications such as our weekly school newsletter, Principal announcements, PTA Fundraiser & Volunteer mailings
  2. Class Email List
    Teacher-parent and classroom communications
    • Your room parent or teacher will invite you to your class list
  3. Community Yahoo & FB Groups:
    While not a must-have, these informal groups are a great way to connect with other Miraloma families, set up grade-level play dates, sports teams, grade-wide camping trips etc. Learn more here . 
In addition, we have two social media feeds where you can follow school communications and photos:
  • Like us on Facebook Miraloma's Facebook Page (follow for events & announcements, too!)
  • Follow us on Twitter Mr. Ingber on Twitter
Mercedes Coats
VP Comms, PTA --  communications@miralomasf.com



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