FUN RUN is OCT 22!
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October 4, 2017
URGENT: Fill Out Multipurpose Family Income Form
Please complete and submit the Multipurpose Family Income Form (MFIF) if you haven't already.

214 Miraloma students (out of 394 total) have submitted their forms; this means that 180 families or 46% are without forms on file.

Our goal this year is to get at least 85% of the forms returned by Friday, October 6th, and we still have a ways to go. 

Completing these forms means more funds for our school, the District, and for Student Nutrition Services. It also means we can feed more students after school and during the summer, and more students are eligible for free after school programs.

Please fill out the MFIF online.

Noah Ingber
Principal --   principal@miralomasf.com
Special note regarding violence in the news
The recent shooting in Las Vegas has received a good amount of attention this week. Students may hear or see stories about the shooting, and this may cause concern, and in more extreme cases, fear and anxiety.  Of course, parents and guardians should limit exposure to these news stories, but this can be challenging when print, TV, and social media are all focusing on the tragedy.
The resources here may prove helpful for parents who want to address the issue of community violence.  If students express concerns and parents/guardians would like to either consult with or access student support services, please contact your teacher, our social worker or me. 

Noah Ingber
Principal --   principal@miralomasf.com
OCT 6: First Friday Coffee & Principal's Chat
This Friday, October 6, the PTA welcomes Miraloma families to stop by at the cafeteria right after Morning Circle at 8:00am for a hot cup o' joe and a treat. Donations of breakfast items, store-bought or homemade, are welcomed.

In conjunction with First  Friday  Coffee, we will have our second Principal's Chat of the year. See below for more information.  Hope to see you there!

Hospitality Committee --
OCT 6 and 18: Parent Ed Programs 
Join us for this month's PTA Parent Programs!

Friday 10/6, 8:15 - 9:00 am, Cafeteria
First Friday Principal Chat: Positive Behavior Support and Restorative Practices with Special Guest Ms. Susan Hammond , our school social worker.

Wednesday 10/18, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
PTA General Session: Academics and the Common Core at Miraloma AND the Miraloma Mosaic Project (a.k.a the Southern Gateway). Special Guests Ms. Huang and Ms. Dotan will talk all about academics and Ms. Aileen Barr will present the very exciting preliminary plans for our Tiled Steps project.  [Babysitting and pizza provided]

Check out the full 2017-2018 parent program line-up and save the dates!

Kelley Karandjeff
VP, PTA Programs -- programs@miralomasf.com 
OCT 6: Vote for the School Site Council (SSC)
The School Site Council (SSC) is a critical team of parents & teachers who helps shape our school priorities and our site budget. We are in the midst of our elections cycle for our 2017-18 SSC and ballots are available in the school office.  

Don't forget to vote by 10/6! All ballots due by 2:00 pm.

OCT 13: Tour season is almost here, Miraloma!
Can you spare an hour on a Friday morning this Fall? Please help show our school to prospective families by signing up to assist with one or more tours this Fall. Our first tour will be October 13.

You can learn about our tours here. No special training is needed - anyone can help show off our school!

Kim Stewart & Sapna Satagopan
Tours Committee --  tours@miralomasf.com
OCT 19: Early Release Day - School out at 11:20am
Miraloma will have our next Early Release Day this year on Thursday, October 19 when the school day will finish at 11:20 am

Reminder, all our Early Release days are announced a few weeks in advance in the weekly Dragon Digest and are displayed on our  school calendar 

Noah Ingber
Principal --   principal@miralomasf.com
OCT 22: FUN RUN News -- Register Pledge Page!
The 10th Annual Miraloma  FUN RUN will be held at 10:00 AM on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at the Balboa High School track. 

Register your child and start raising money for our second largest school wide fun-draiser today! Go to miraloma.walkstarter.org   to create your child's personal fundraising page, (they love to create their own avatars with accessories!) and send it out to family and friends. Funds help great programs like P.E., Art, and snack keep running at Miraloma, and every small donation helps! If you want to learn more about the Fun Run and how it works go to the Miraloma website.

Rain or shine, help us as we work to make this event as green and earth friendly as possible by packing in and packing out your own family picnic. More savory items, and fruit, will be sold this year, alongside the fantastic sweet baked treat sale. We are excited to announce that once again, all supplies will be biodegradable! (Specific volunteer info will be available in coming newsletters -- stay tuned!)

Gedalia Braverman and  Sarah  Mattison-Earls
Run Chairs -- run@miralomasf.com 
SIGNUP: MVCoding Class for 3-5th graders
Signups for the new  MVCoding Club are now active!  The code club will be after school Mondays, starting October 16th, 2017 for grades 3-5, and will run through December 11th. The cost is $400 per student, with scholarship slots available.  The class will entail JavaScript and Firebase coding.

Cris Rys
STEAM Lab Committee -- steam@miralomasf.com
The DRAGON is HUNGRY! Annual Fund Giving
Donating to the Annual Fund is one of the most important ways you can help our school offer the programs that make it so great. Your generous donation goes directly to Miraloma, is 100% tax deductible, and requires minimal volunteer hours.  Our goal is 100% participation! Please see the  Annual Fund letter  for more information on how the fund is spent.

(Interested in setting up a monthly donation? Go here.)

Britta Narum
VP, Fundraising -- fundraising@miralomasf.com

2018 will be the 10th Annual Miraloma Auction and it is a smooth running machine with a rock-star team in place. We need an Auction Co-Chairperson to partner with our current (and seasoned) Co-Chair Catherine Homsey to help steer the team and make this the best auction yet!  

The annual Auction is our school's single biggest fundraising activity of the year. Proceeds from the Auction fund a variety of student enrichment programs such as PE, the STEAM lab, gardening, dance, class field trips, healthy snack, literacy programs, and more.  

Make a difference in your child's education and join the team!

Mr. Ingber -- principal@miralomasf.com 
Miraloma Elementary School is made great by all of our staff, teachers, parents, and students working together. 

Please take a moment to consider how you can lend a hand and help us continue to improve by checking out our volunteer opportunities or contacting volunteer@miralomasf.com



Recess is an integral part of our children's socio-emotional development. We need to make sure that recess is a positive space for our students with enough adults on the yard to provide supervision. You need absolutely no experience to be qualified for this. You can commit to a weekly or monthly schedule as well as to drop in.
Morning Recess
K/1st grade 9:20am-9:40am
2nd/3rd grade 9:20am-9:40am
4th/5th grade 9:50am-10:05am
Lunch Recess
K/1 11am-11:20am
2nd/3rd 11:30am-11:50am
4th/5th 12:00pm-12:20pm

Pamela Lyss-Lerman 
Recess Coordinator --  recess@miralomasf.com


The Snack Committee is still looking for Monday and Wednesday BIN CLEANERS. Please email Alison if you think you might be interested: snack@miralomasf.com

Additionally, you can always stop by to help prep snack on Monday and Wednesday mornings right after Morning Circle.

Alison Eastwood 
Snack Coordinator -- snack@miralomasf.com


The library is now open and operating so we're ready for shelving / straightening volunteers.  As a Library Volunteer, you can:  
  • Select a regular shelf to maintain OR flit from section to section
  • Set your own schedule OR drop in periodically
  • Work for 15 minutes OR as long as you like (assuming the library is open); AND...
  • Soothe your inner organizer demons and put the world in order, even if only for a short while.




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