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ISSUE: WINTER 2019/2020

Happy New Year! As we enter 2020, we are excited for all we have planned this year, but are also extremely grateful for everything that happened in 2019, including the addition of two new team members - Juan and Tori!
Juan - Designer Tori, Executive Assistant

We attended the NARI Design Awards in December and are happy to report that out of the four projects we submitted, we walked away with four awards! Great job to the team and thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us to submit your projects!  
Take a look at the transformations below. 

Residential Interior $100,00-$250,000
Gold Award

These clients longed for the type of house that was made for  entertaining. In reality, however, the layout included separated  gathering spaces making each dinner party feel crowded and closed off.  By removing walls, rearranging the kitchen, and adding in all - encompassing design elements, we were able to make room for guests  to flow throughout the main rooms. Having a newly laid - out kitchen  along with an open floor plan, the home is now a perfect social setting  for the clients and for each guest who enters.

Residential Interior $75,000-$150,000
Gold Award

These clients found their master suite to be out of space and out of style. Their wife longed to not travel to a separate bedroom for her closet, and her husband desired design accents that highlighted their individuality. Using the adjacent vacant bedroom, we  expanded the layout, creating a refined suite. With a significantly larger  footprint in the bedroom, a dream walk - in closet, and an extravagant  bathroom, the area grew into a space for the couple to really enjoy. Gray hues, along with bronze and wooden finishes allow the suite to compliment the couple's rustic style.

Residential Bath Over $100,000
Gold Award

These clients were glad to have a spacious bathroom, but wished there was another way to use the space they had. 
Minor  adjustments to this room highlight the power of how a favorable layout can change the whole feeling of a room, without having to add square footage. By choosing timeless design elements, we gave this champagne style customer a bathroom that will always feel fresh and 

Residential Addition Over $250,000
Gold Award

This couple has loved living on the top of a hill that overlooks the  valley. The views have always given the home a sense of serenity and  tranquility. Over the years, the client's only  wish was that they would be able to use more of their land and create  more space in their home to fit their lifestyle. By extending the house  along the horizon, this home now has a full guest suite, an art room, a  separate three - car garage and a re - designed backyard that all  compliment the serene surroundings.


Here are some of the latest reviews we've received through Houzz GuildQuality and Yelp  within the past quarter. 

Review by Trade Partner, R.B. Flooring (October 2019)
"We work with several Contractors but working with DR Domenichini Construction Design & Build since 2014 has been one of the best partnerships we've had the pleasure of working with........" Read more

Review by Pat C. (September 2019)
"Everything was great from beginning to end with no errors. I have no complaints at all, everything has been great.Read more

Review by Gena G. (January 2020)
".....Their team is amazing, they are timely, use a fabulous app for communication and have yet to miss a big holiday with a note or gift. Who does that?!? Leaves birthday and Christmas gifts on your doorstep!?!? That gives you an idea of their customer service. We love their whole team...." Read more


It's not unusual for a client to become a friend. In this case, a friend became our client. This 1982 Mazda RX7 has a back story I'd like to share with you all:
I bought this car about 12 years ago from a couple whom were long-time friends of mine. We recently finished a remodeling project for them and I decided to fix it up (a minor restoration) and drive it over to their house on the last day of their project, as sort of a Christmas surprise. They didn't know whether or not I still had the car and they were pleasantly surprised to see it was still going! I told them to keep it for the next month or so and drive it around like old times. I hope it brings back great memories for them!   



Before & After Video

Here is a quick 1-minute before and after video of a few projects we completed over the past couple months.



It's fair to say that some projects are better off done by the professionals! :)  

Funniest DIY Home Improvement Fails
Funniest DIY Home Improvement Fails



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