by Chris Groninger

The word “ill” is from the Norse and literally means evil. The belief that illnesses were punishments from God or caused by evil spirits, has been around for centuries. The work of Louis Pasteur in the 19th century gave a new villain to take the blame, “The Germ”. This was a major advance in medicine but the patient was still seen as the victim of an attack by outside forces. Then in 1950, Franz Alexander published a little book based on 17 years of observations, made by himself and his colleagues at and the Chicago, Institute for Psychoanalysis. The book presents evidence that many illnesses and physical dysfunctions are not caused by external factors, but by stress. Seems the observations of Alexander and his colleagues were on point as today Stress is recognized as the 1# proxy killer in the USA and responsible for at least 80% of all medical problems.
What is stress, what causes it, and how does it manifest an illness like cancer in the body?