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March 2022
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Saturday, May 7

Sisterhood As Medicine: The Ancient Art of Circling
“For thousands of years, in tribes and villages around the world, women have come together in circles to share, to teach, to listen, to learn. The pulse of these women still beats within us. Their wisdom flows through time, whispering to us the song of female connection and beauty. We only need to stop long enough and put our ear to our heart to hear the call.”
-HeatherAsh Amara
The art of circling in community is as old as time and has been used in cultures all over the world. Circles with a sacred center are the oldest forms of social interaction. Today, women all over the world are feeling the call to return to circling and to reclaim this ancient way of connecting.
How ancient are we talking? There is evidence of spiritual circle gatherings occurring possibly as early as 300,000 years ago in Middle Paleolithic societies, although little is known about the complexity of these gatherings. Actual evidence is found that communities gathering for spiritual and shamanic experience have been evidenced in the Upper Paleolithic societies (over 30,000 years ago, long before modern humanity). ^2
When women lived together in communities, villages and tribes, women would gather around the fire (the circle center) to cook, raise children, mourn, celebrate, share stories and pass on traditions. In some cultures, women would bleed together, gather around lunar cycles and honor rights of passage in circle + ceremony. Women have truly been communing in circle since the dawn of time. We thrived in this connective and nurturing, “it takes a village” environment. It's part of who we are.
What was shared in these circles? What stories were told? What decisions were made?

March Event Calendar

Saturday, March 5 9AM-5PM
Hampton Inn - Oceanfront


April 25, 2022 -- 6:30PM
At the pier...
Sunset Beach, NC

March 8th at 5:30 p.m. - International Women's Day Circle (Myrtle Beach, SC)
March 20th (time tbd) - Spring Equinox Gathering (Myrtle Beach, SC) 
A virtual circle will also happen in March - date and time TBD. 

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Meet Our Summit Speakers
Saturday, March 5th

Denise is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer NLP certified and Spiritual Counselor, Founder of The Helpers and based in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Her positive and simple approach has helped many for over 30 years, improving their daily lives and uplifting their energy. Learn more about Denise and her services by visiting her at Mind Body Healing.
Her Sacred Circle is on a mission to reawaken sisterhood and reconnect women with the sacred feminine through women's circles, ceremonies, retreats, workshops, virtual events and 1:1 sessions.

Rooted in North Myrtle Beach, SC
but serving worldwide.

To learn more, visit www.hersacredcircle.com

Spiritualism and Feminism - Part 2
(Continued from last month)

There is little information regarding the content of the messages received by those attending the numerous séances that where held in Upstate New York in the months following the first communication from spirit. While the young girls broadened the scope of their travels to far away places, and news of this uncanny communication ability spread, increasing numbers of women were finding that they too could receive messages from the spirit realm. Arthur Conan Doyle states in The History of Spiritualism (Echo Library 2006), “In one of the early communications the Fox sisters were assured that ‘these manifestations would note be confined to them, but would go all over the world.’ This prophecy was soon in a fair way to be fulfilled, for these new powers and further developments of them, which included the discerning and hearing of spirits and the movement of objects without contact, appeared in many circles which were independent of the Fox family.” He continues, “In an incredibly short space of time the movement, with many eccentricities and phases of fanaticism, had swept over the Northern and Eastern States of the Union.” The phenomena indeed was becoming quite widespread.

At that time, abolitionists who were Quakers were having a difficult time with their faith, as it supported slavery. Many left the Quakers and formed a group that they called the ‘Congregational Friends’. Wikipedia corroborates the connection between Spiritualism and the women’s movement with the following entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiritualism, “Amy and Isaac Post, Hicksite Quakers from Rochester, New York, had long been acquainted with the Fox family, and took the two girls into their home in the late spring of 1848. Immediately convinced of the genuineness of the sisters' communications, they became early converts and introduced them to their circle of radical Quaker friends.”

Trish Wilson has written, “Women and children of the Victorian era were considered the legal chattel of fathers and husbands. Spiritualism provided them with a means of obtaining their own power and financial security.” In a similar vein, Ann Braude tells us in Radical Spirits – Spiritualism and Women’s Rights in Nineteenth-Century America (2001), “What distinguished spirit mediums from other religious women who rose to public roles at certain moments of enthusiasm within their religious communions was their commitment to women’s rights.” Braude also states...

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