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DRI-TOUCH Advanced Dryer Controls that are now standard on our Hopper Bank Dryers
June, 2017

This month's feature: 
DRI-TOUCH Advanced Dryer Controls now standard on our 
Hopper Bank Dryers   

Easy, clear settings of temperatures, dewpoint, resin library & diagnostic functions
Hopper bank with integrated conveyance

Hopper bank drying systems dry  multiple resins at different temperatures for fast  changeovers or for a central drying area. Our new  Dri-Touch controller integrates drying and conveying  functions into a easy to use powerful controller with  Ethernet capability for Industry 4.0!

Dryer and hoppers are sized based  upon molding machine rate and production  requirements.

Various Engineering grade resins .  

Energy efficient drying system allows for a  variety of resins to be dried for production, or predried  and staged. Independent booster heaters for
separate temperature settings, valves to control  airflow, stainless steel hopper construction, small  footprint, and single controls to operate and monitor  various drying and loading parameters. Ethernet  capable for host computer monitoring or Dri-Link  mobile app for IOS and Android .

Mobile Ready! 
Dri -Touch controllers interface with Dri -Link mobile App. Available for both IOS and Android. 


Drying Technologies, Which is Right for You?

At the recent Spotlight TM Medical Extrusion & Secondary Operations Conference held on May 23, 2017  by Graham Engineering in York, PA, Herb Wischow, Vice President of Sales, for Dri-Air Industries presented on "Drying Technologies, Which is Right for You?"
This presentation served as an overview of the different choices for drying plastics resins - the advantages and disadvantages of each and how to determine the best drying technology for your application. If you would like to view the presentation -  click here