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Harvest is in full swing, and it is important to know how to properly share the road with Farm Equipment.  Our partners at the Saskatchewan Safety Council have compiled some tips that will help keep us safer on the roads this harvest season:

Harvest Season Safety Tips

To further support you and safer driving, MSA has a FREE Driving Defensively online certificate course. To learn more, click here: Online Training Registration


Root Cause Analysis Webinar Sept 1st

When incidents happen at the workplace it is essential to investigate to get a better understanding of what happened and how we can prevent a similar event from occurring.

Too often investigation reports have a narrow focus on low hanging fruit that do not yield the change that is necessary to prevent a re-occurrence. To learn more or register for this free webinar click here Webinar Registration

OHC I & OHC II Training in September

In September we are hosting free live virtual workshops to train your Occupational Health Committee (OHC) members. OHS officers often cite members for not training their OHC members and our recognized training courses provides critical information on understanding OHC’s roles and Legislated responsibilities. To learn more or register click here:

Sept 8th OHC Level I: OHC Level I Registration

Sept 22nd OHC Level II: OHC Level II Registration

Refer to our training calendar for more information: Online Course Calendar

Youth Safety Day - September 10th

Youth Safety Education Day Sept 10th

MSA is excited to announce its support for the upcoming Youth Safety Education Day September 10th with Service Hospitality. If you want to learn more about the free resources and how you can get involved, click here:

Youth Safety Education

Youth Safety Education Day Partnership Form

More Information & Updates

St. John Ambulance Volunteer Opportunities

St. John Ambulance is looking for volunteers across the province to support those in need of medical assistance. To learn more about this opportunity click here: St. John's Ambulance Volunteers

Services Order Form

Are you interested in booking an MSA safety advisor to come to your facility? Perhaps you want to download one of our free .pdf posters. Click here to explore our service options and downloadable posters: Services Order Form


MSA Safety Advisors will be in Yorkton and Estevan in the near future. If your business is interested in having a MSA advisor come out at no additional charge to provide onsite safety services, contact us: info@motorsafety.ca or at 306-721-0688.

If you have any further safety information that you feel should be communicated to our industry and membership, please email: info@motorsafety.ca