DRS4D Radar No Longer Available...
The DRS4DNXT Is The Perfect Replacement!
August 12, 2020
Sales Bulletin #2020-30
We announced in April that the DRS4D Radar would soon be leaving the NavNet lineup of DRS Radars, and today marks their official departure. While we're sad to see this workhorse Radar go, we're very fortunate to have an outstanding alternative in the DRS4DNXT Solid-State NXT Doppler Radar, offered at the same $2,600 List Price as its predecessor. Better yet, the DRS4DNXT does not require an external power supply, representing an even greater value.
As a refresher, here are some key features of Furuno's lineup of Solid-State NXT Doppler Radars:

  • Solid-State pulse compression - instantaneous start-up, low power consumption, and no magnetron for maintenance-free operation

  • Target Analyzer™ - Instantly identify hazardous or approaching targets, such as those shown in red below
  • Fast Target Tracking™ and 100-Target ARPA capability

  • RezBoost™ beam sharpening feature increases resolution, offering an effective horizontal beamwidth of 2° for the DRS4DNXT or as low as 0.7° for the DRS6ANXT/DRS12ANXT/DRS25ANXT with a 6-foot open array

  • Bird Mode to help locate the best fishing grounds

  • Incredible close-in target detection

  • Exceptional long-range target detection of 48nm for the DRS4DNXT to 96nm for the 100W DRS12ANXT and 200W DRS25ANXT
The DRS4DNXT is compatible with all three generations of TZtouch MFDs, making it an excellent alternative to the DRS4D. The advanced features noted above, along with the savings that come with eliminating the external power supply, are perfect selling points for this upgrade. In addition to the DRS4DNXT, we encourage you to check out these product pages for our complete lineup of NXT Doppler Radars.

Furuno USA, Inc.