Hal Leonard | Attention: Drum/Percussion Retailers | February 2020
Thanks for making NAMM a success!
Hal Leonard enjoyed a great NAMM show on January 16-19 in Anaheim, California - and drum products from Gretsch, Gibraltar, and more top notch manufacturers were a big part of that.

Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to take advantage of our post-NAMM show specials for a limited time.
malletKAT 8 Earns Editors Choice Award

The malletKAT 8 keyboard percussion controllers from KAT Percussion received an Editor's Choice Award from Music Inc. magazine at NAMM 2020. Make sure you have this great product in your store!

malletKAT 8 Express
00291785 - 2 Octaves - MSRP/MAP $1,799.00

malletKAT 8 Pro
00291783 - 3 Octaves - MSRP/MAP $2,199.00

malletKAT 8 Grand
00291784 - 4 Octaves - MSRP/MAP $2,799.00
Hal Leonard Drum & Percussion 2020 Catalog

Our new catalog debuted at NAMM and is now in stock and online! Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep to add a FREE copy of this catalog, HL90016345, to your next order.

Catalina Special Edition Drumsets with Gloss Walnut Burst Finish
- 7-ply walnut/maple hybrid shell
- Wood hoops & hoop clips on all rack, floor & snare drums
- Rack tom direct-to-shell mount
- 30-degree bearing edges

4-Piece Kit (Model CS2-J484-WB)
00324412 - MSRP $1,499.99/MAP $899.99

5-Piece Kit (Model CS2-R425-WB)
00324413 - MSRP $1,999.99/MAP $1,199.99
Catalina Club 4-Piece Drumsets with Yellow Satin Flame Finish
- Classic mahogany shell interior
- 30-degree bearing edge
- Telescopic bass drum spurs & matching maple wood bass drum hoops
- Toms and snare drums feature 1.6mm triple flanged hoops

4-Piece Kit (18/12/14/14SN)
00324416 - MSRP $1,166.99/MAP $699.99

4-Piece Kit (20/12/14/14SN)
00324417 - MSRP $1,249.99/MAP $749.99
Note: The products listed below fall under a new Gibraltar MAP policy which will be enforced.
Maintain your profit margin with these products!
Pro Lite Snare Stand
Single-Braced Stand, Model GSB-506
MSRP $124.99/MAP $74.99

Pro Lite Boom Cymbal Stand
Single-Braced, Model GSB-509
MSRP $159.99/MAP $94.99
Pro Lite Hi-Hat Stand
Single-Braced, Model GSB-507
MSRP $189.99/MAP $114.99
Pro Lite Straight Cymbal Stand
Single-Braced, Model GSB-510
MSRP $131.50/MAP $79.99
New Service Center Items
Pocket Multi-Tool
00324668 - $14.99
Quick Release
Cymbal Mount
00324669 - $10.50
Cloth Snare
Mounting Tape
Model SC-RST
00324670 - $6.50
malletKAT Carrying Bags
Protect your malletKAT with these convenient soft cases. The durable 1800-denier nylon exterior is matched in quality by the interior black velvet liner and the 25mm super-thick foam pad.

00299457 - malletKAT Express - $149.99
00299458 - malletKAT Pro - $159.99
00299459 - malletKAT Grand - $169.99
PST5 N Sets
14/18/20 + 16 Cymbal Sets
MSRP $666.00/MAP $399.00
00285367 - Rock Set
00285366 - Universal Set
PST7 Sets
14/18/20 + 16 Cymbal Sets
MSRP $746.00/MAP $445.00
00285370 - Rock Set
00285368 - Session Set
00285369 - Universal Set
Controlled Sound Coated Drumheads
(with Black Dot on Bottom)
from Remo
The Controlled Sound® Coated Bottom Black Dot™ features focused midrange tones with added durability. Constructed with 1-ply of 10-mil Coated film and a 5-mil Bottom Black Dot™, Controlled Sound® Coated Bottom Black Dot™ drumheads provide medium and heavy-duty drumhead characteristics. The drumhead’s outer area offers enhanced tone and sensitivity while the center dot adds durability and overtone control.

Snare/Tom Batter/Resonant Drumheads
03700474 - 6" (CS-0106-10) - $30.60
03700475 - 8" (CS-0108-10) - $30.90
03700476 - 10" (CS-0110-10) - $32.70
03700477 - 12" (CS-0112-10) - $36.60
03700478 - 13" (CS-0113-10) - $38.20
03700479 - 14" (CS-0114-10) - $40.30
03700480 - 15" (CS-0115-10) - $42.20
03700481 - 16" (CS-0116-10) - $45.50
03700482 - 18" (CS-0118-10) - $57.70
$100 Off MAP Through March 31!
from Gretsch
Enjoy a temporary MAP reduction on the four Gretsch Catalina Special Edition Birch 5-Piece Packs listed below from February 1st through March 31st. Contact your sales rep for details!

20/10/12/14/14SN Configurations
MSRP $1,333.99/MAP $799.99 $699.99
00286430 - Blue Silver Duco Finish
00286432 - Ebony Satin Finish

22/10/12/16/14SN Configurations
MSRP $1,416.99/MAP $849.99 $749.99
00286433 - Blue Silver Duco Finish
00286434 - Ebony Satin Finish
Remembering Neil Peart
Hal Leonard was saddened to hear of the passing of iconic Rush drummer, Neil Peart, on January 7th. Through his dedication and innovation, this Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's contribution to the drumming community was immense.

00320520 - Neil Peart: Anatomy of a Drum Solo 2-DVD Set
00129268 - Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage Book/DVD
00321248 - Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage 3-DVD Set
00321308 - Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage Book Only
02500628 - Rush Legendary Licks for Drums DVD

Coming soon:
00323857 - Rush: The Spirit of Radio (Drum Recorded Versions)
Drumsticks for the NFL's "Final 2"
The new champions of the NFL will be given their due this Sunday, February 2nd. Celebrate the two teams that made the final round this year with these drumsticks featuring officially licensed team artwork!

00152761 - Kansas City Chiefs - MSRP $24.99/MAP $19.99
00152772 - San Francisco 49ers - MSRP $24.99/MAP $19.99
The Percussion Music Council (PMC) recently honored Hal Leonard Vice President of MI Products Brad Smith for his ten years of service on the executive board. The PMC is a drum industry nonprofit association whose mission is to make more players. The photo above, courtesy of Music Trades magazine, shows (left to right): Karl Dustman (PMC Director); Stacey Montgomery-Clark (Sabian); Rick Latham, Gordon Campbell & David Stanoch (Yamaha endorsers); David Jewell (Yamaha); and Brad Smith.

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