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Hal Leonard hopes you had a happy holiday season and are ready to take on 2019! Now that the new year is here, it's time to prepare for the NAMM show on January 24-27 in Anaheim, California. Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to set up an appointment to meet at NAMM or for more details on our NAMM show specials.
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Hal Leonard is now your source for the complete line of drum heads from worldwide industry-leading manufacturer Remo.

We are taking orders now! First shipments will start by the end of the month. Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for details on our special introductory offer!

Renown 2 Sparkle Finish Drumsets Now Shipping!
One of the most versatile drum sets ever made, Gretsch Renown 2 drumsets allow you to handle the smoothest grooves of the 1950s; the attack and projection required to drive the most powerful compositions of the ’60s and ’70s; and the clarity and vibrance needed to faithfully reproduce the clean studio sounds of the ’80s, ’90s and beyond.
(MSRP $2999.99/MAP $1799.99)
00777739 - Copper Sparkle
00777740 - Turquoise Sparkle
(MSRP $2916.99/MAP $1749.99)
00777735 - Copper Sparkle
00777736 - Turquoise Sparkle
(MSRP $2583.99/MAP $1549.99)
00777737 - Copper Sparkle
00777738 - Turquoise Sparkle
(MSRP $2549.99/MAP $1529.99)
00777733 - Copper Sparkle
00777734 - Turquoise Sparkle
(MSRP $2366.99/MAP $1419.99)
00777743 - Copper Sparkle
00777744 - Turquoise Sparkle
(MSRP $2749.99/MAP $1649.99)
00777747 - Copper Sparkle
00777748 - Turquoise Sparkle
(MSRP $2383.99/MAP $1429.99)
00777745 - Copper Sparkle
00777746 - Turquoise Sparkle
(MSRP $1966.99/MAP $1179.99)
00777741 - Copper Sparkle
00777742 - Turquoise Sparkle
Catalina Club Drumset Wins Award
We're pleased to announce that the Gretsch Catalina Club was the winner of the 2018 Drummie Award for the "Drum Set Under $1,000" category by DRUM! Magazine. The magazine writes:

"Don't let the 18" bass drum fool you - this little mahogany kit packs a big punch. Gretsch's Catalina Club set doesn't just sound good with its 30-degree bearing edges and natural shell interior, it's got looks to spare with stained wood, solid black, and a new swirly 'blue satin flame' finish."
Catalina Club Drumset (with Blue Satin Flame Finish)
Now available:
00777725 - 3-Piece Shell Pack (18/12/14) - MSRP $999.99/MAP $599.99
00777726 - 4-Piece Shell Pack (18/12/14/14SN) - MSRP $1166.99/MAP $699.99
00777727 - 7 x 10 Rack Tom - MSRP $254.99/MAP $152.99
00777728 - 14 x 20 Bass Drum - MSRP $649.99/MAP $389.99
Coming soon:
00286480 - 3-Piece Shell Pack (20/12/14) - MSRP $1083.99/MAP $649.99
00286481 - 4-Piece Shell Pack (20/12/14/14SN) - MSRP $1,249.99/MAP $562.50
Supremo Select Series Cajons
Supremo Select series cajons sound great, are made of environmentally friendly renewable Siam Oak, and feature several unique, colorful finish options.

Dark Iris Finish (Model STKS-29 DI)
00142593 - MSRP $199.00/MAP $129.00

Lava Wood Finish (Model STKS-29 LW)
00226548 - MSRP $199.00/MAP $129.00

Twilight Finish (Model STKS-29TW)
00158657 - MSRP $199.00 - MAP $129.00

Willow Finish (Model STKS-29 WI)
00266874 - MSRP $239.99 - MAP $149.00

Ask your sales rep for special offer details!
Groove Juice Cleaner
Groove Juice has been the pro’s choice for a spray on/rinse off cleaner for cymbals and drums since 1996. Purchase these products today from Hal Leonard

00260566 - Cymbal Cleaner - $11.99
00260567 - Jr. Cymbal Cleaner - $9.99
00260568 - Shell Shine for Drums - $7.99
00260570 - Stick Grip in a Can - $15.99
00266432 - Countertop Cardboard Display
Hal Leonard and Apogee arranged a Hal Leonard Masterclass event in November with legendary engineer Bob Clearmountain and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Held at the Apogee office studio space, Chad played with a trio while Bob explained the value of recording with the Apogee Element interface. Along with the Element interfaces, Bob also featured the new Apogee FX Rack Plugins. Music dealers, a select group of aspiring engineers and students witnessed two pros working together to build a great mix and showcase the clarity of the Element technology. 
00201961 - Element 24 - 10-In x 12-Out Thunderbolt Audio Interface - MSRP/MAP $595.00
00201962 - Element 46 - 12-In x 14-Out Thunderbolt Audio Interface - MSRP/MAP $895.00
00201963 - Element 88 - 16-In x 16-Out Thunderbolt Audio Interface - MSRP/MAP $1,495.00
Hal Leonard was pleased to meet with hundreds of instrumental educators from around the country in Chicago at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in December. Drum gear from Gretsch, Gibraltar, Paiste, Tycoon, KAT and Vater were featured in our drum booth, pictured above.
Great Drum & Percussion Products for Schools
Products from Gretsch, Tycoon, Gibraltar, Paiste, Vater Percussion, KAT and more are featured in the colorful 16-page brochure shown at right which is now available from Hal Leonard at no charge. Add these brochures to your next order and share them with your educational customers to help boost sales for: drumset, snares, percussion kits, concert percussion, practice pads, electronic percussion, seats, drumsticks, mallets, drum keys, accessories, music room & field items, gongs, gong stands and rolling racks, and top percussion method books.

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