Hal Leonard | Attention: Drum/Percussion Retailers | January 2020
Visit us at NAMM!
Now that the new year is here, it's time to prepare for the NAMM show on January 16-19 in Anaheim, California. Visit Hal Leonard at Booth #8910 in Hall B during the show!

Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to set up an appointment to meet at NAMM or for more details on our NAMM show specials.
Catalina Special Edition 2020 - Walnut/Maple Hybrid in
Walnut Burst Finish
Model CS2-R425-WB

5-Piece Set, including:
- 14 x 22 bass drum
- 8 x 12 rack tom
- 14 x 14 floor tom
- 16 x 16 floor tom
- 6.5 x 14 snare drum

MSRP $1,999.99/MAP $1,199.99
Renown Series -
Satin Antique Blue Burst Finish
Model RN2-E825-SABB
5-Piece Set, including:
- 18 x 22 bass drum
- 7 x 10 rack tom
- 8 x 12 rack tom
- 14 x 16 floor tom
- 5.5 x 14 snare drum

MSRP $2,666.99/MAP $1,599.99
Grand Prix Aluminum Snare Drum
These lightweight, brushed 1.2mm rolled aluminum shells have a 45-degree bearing edge and double-flanged "302" hoops, plus Remo Controlled Sound batter and resonant drumheads.

00324414 - 5 x 14 (Model S1-0514-GP) - MSRP $634.99/MAP $379.99
00324415 - 6.5 x 14 (Model S1-6514-GP) - MSRP $667.99/MAP $399.99
Tour Class Double Bass Drum Pedal
Single-Chain, Model GTC6-DB
MSRP $414.99/MAP $249.99

Tour Class Single Bass Drum Pedal
Direct Drive, Model GTC6DD
MSRP $235.99/MAP $139.99
Pro Lite Snare Stand
Single-Braced Stand, Model GSB-506
MSRP $124.99/MAP $74.99

Pro Lite Boom Cymbal Stand
Single-Braced, Model GSB-509
MSRP $159.99/MAP $94.99
Pro Lite Hi-Hat Stand
Single-Braced, Model GSB-507
MSRP $189.99/MAP $114.99
Pro Lite Straight Cymbal Stand
Single-Braced, Model GSB-510
MSRP $131.50/MAP $79.99
Stealth Docking Station
- All in one solution for players looking to mount cymbals and drums
- U shaped bar designed to contour the shape of a 22" bass drum
- Easily mounts 1 rack tom, 2 crash cymbals, and a ride cymbal
- Removes clutter from tripods on the floor
- Extremely low profile
- Light weight, and easy to transport
- 3-pack of hex locking nuts with rubber stoppers for multi clamps

00324666 - Model GSDS - MSRP $410.99/MAP $249.99
Supremo Series Timbales
With Black Powder-Coated Hardware
00329140 - 13" & 14" Timbales
MSRP $379.99/MAP $249.99
Master Heritage Series Congas
With Brushed Chrome Hardware & Single Stand
00329135 - 11" Quinto - MSRP $849.99/MAP $529.00
00329136 - 11.75" Conga - MSRP $869.99/MAP $549.99
00329138 - 12.5" Tumba - MSRP $899.99/MAP $559.99
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Hal Leonard was pleased to meet with hundreds of instrumental educators from around the country in Chicago at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in December. Drum gear from Gretsch, Gibraltar, Paiste, Tycoon, KAT and Vater Percussion were featured in our drum booth, pictured below.
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