Hal Leonard | Attention: Drum/Percussion Retailers | January 2021
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Look for Hal Leonard MI Products Distribution during NAMM's Believe in Music Week virtual conference from January 18th to 22nd. We can't wait to connect with you. Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for more details.
Just announced! Innovative Percussion is now available from Hal Leonard. IP is the #1 stick and mallet manufacturer for the school and drum corps markets. Re-stock or start offering their best-sellers now. Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for details on an opening order special.
Renown 57 Limited Edition with Silver Oyster Pearl Finish

In January, 2011, Gretsch went against the grain and conventional design by introducing Renown 57. The unique look, thanks to its classic car colors and the Chevron logo, immediately became a hit throughout the world and almost 10 years later they still receive order requests for them.
In response to the many requests, for only one year, Gretsch is introducing a new breed in the coveted series: the Renown 57 Silver Oyster Pearl. The basis of the kit’s formula mimic’s today’s RN2 by adapting the 7-ply maple shell, 30 degree bearing edges, 302 hoops, silver sealer interiors, and Low Profile GTS system. Today’s RN57 have bass drums with no mounts and traditional 14” depths, just what Gretsch enthusiasts often ask for. Both configurations are offered in our Silver Oyster Pearl Nitron.

March 2021 Release - Pre-Order Now!

00360176 - 3-Piece Pack (Model RN57-J483V-SOP) - MSRP/MAP $1,399.99
00360177 - 5 Piece Pack (Model RN57-E425V-SOP) - MSRP/MAP $1,999.99
Catalina Special Edition Shell Pack with Walnut/Maple Hybrid Finish
Last chance to secure inventory!

5-Piece Pack (22/12/14/16/14SN)
00324413 - MSRP $1,999.99/MAP $1,199.99

4-Piece Pack (18/12/14/14SN)
00324412 - MSRP $1,499.99/MAP $899.99
Dealer Spotlight
The Horn Doctor, Anchorage, Alaska

The Horn Doctor ordered two Gretsch Renown drum sets and Gibraltar hardware to complete the sets for a school in Fairbanks (360 miles from their store). The owner has a pilot's license and they own their own plane. Once the drums arrived to the shop, they decided to spend the weekend up in Fairbanks They packed the drumkits and hardware in the plane and flew it up to the school. The band director drove his pickup truck right out onto the runway and they loaded everything there. Talk about service!
New for 2021
Two-Leg Direct Pull Hi-Hat Stand
Model 9707-2LDP
00357058 - MSRP $339.99/MAP $199.99
Airtech Skinny Top
Single-Braced Drum Throne
Model 9708AST
00357059 - MSRP $179.99/MAP $99.99
New Ways to Access the Stealth Docking Station
22" Docking Station Frame
with Multi-Clamp
Model GSDF
00361702 - MSRP $299.99/MAP $179.99
U-Shaped Rack Bar
for 22" Bass Drum
Model SC-GPR22U
00361703 - MSRP $159.99/MAP $69.99
Supremo Series Timbales
These timbales are ideal for players who are looking for optimal features at an affordable price. The 13" & 14" shells are made from stainless steel applied with a black powder coat finishing. It includes a heavy-duty fully height-adjustable, tilting timbale stand, cowbell with mounting bracket, pair of timbale sticks and tuning wrench.

Model STI-1314 B S
00329140 - MSRP $379.99/MAP $249.99
malletKAT 8.5 with gigKAT 2
We're proud to announce that the malletKAT 8.5 has been nominated for one of Music & Sound Retailer magazine's 2021 Music & Sound Awards. Make sure you have this ground-breaking keyboard percussion controller in your store!

malletKAT 8.5 Express
2-Octave Keyboard Percussion Controller
00357676 - MSRP/MAP $1,799.00

malletKAT 8.5 Pro
3-Octave Keyboard Percussion Controller
00357734 - MSRP/MAP $2,199.00

malletKAT 8.5 Grand
4-Octave Keyboard Percussion Controller
00357735 - MSRP/MAP $2,799.00
How to Build Drum Grooves Over Bass Lines
by Alan Arber
Book/Online Audio
00287564 - $16.99
It's About Time: Jeff Porcaro
The Man and His Music
by Robyn Flans
00356425 - $24.99
Modern Drummer Legends:
Alex Van Halen
00361152 - $19.95
Modern Drummer Books Display
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