Hal Leonard | Attention: Drum/Percussion Retailers | May 2020
Percussion Marketing Council Presents IDM 2020
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Percussion Marketing Council (PMC), and they want to celebrate with you during International Drum Month (IDM)!

Check out PMC's IDM contests for a chance to win drum lessons and special commemorative gear from PMC members including Paiste, Drum Workshop, Dream Cymbals, Sabian, Yamaha, Remo, Gretsch and more!
5-Piece Electronic Drum Set
The new KAT KT-200 is designed to be used as a professional electronic drum kit. It comes with 232 built-in ultra-realistic drum sounds, a simple and easy to use interface, and a fully customizable sound library. With its state of the art velocity-sensitive triggers, you can set parameters on the drum pad triggers, thus ensuring the best possible playing response. 
The KT-200 has 4 types of built-in drum coaches like "Practice" mode, and also comes standard with features that include Quick Record/Quick Play, effects additions and drum group functions. Dollar for dollar the KT-200 is the premier choice whether you are playing live on stage, recording at the studio or practicing at home. It also includes digital access to the best-selling book The Beginner's Guide to Electronic Drums by Bob Terry and video lessons from The Hal Leonard Drumset Method!

00328428 - MSRP/MAP $649.99
Hybrid Walnut/Maple - New Trending Finish
2020 Limited-Time Drumsets
Catalina Special Edition (CS2) Drumsets
The hybrid shell features 7-ply walnut/maple construction, delivering a warm, resonant tone that's excellent for a variety of musical applications. These competitively priced sets are only available for a limited time. Each drum's interior label specifies the year of production and species of wood. See video preview
4-Piece Shell Pack
00324412 - (18/12/14/14SN)
MSRP $1,499.99/MAP $899.99
5-Piece Shell Pack
00324413 - (22/12/14/16/14SN)
MSRP $1,999.99/MAP $1,199.99
Stealth Docking Station
Model GSDS
  • U-shaped bar designed to contour the shape of a 22" bass drum
  • The 1.5" diameter bar discreetly hugs the bass drum
  • Easily mounts 1 rack tom, 2 crash cymbals, and a ride cymbal
  • Removes clutter from tripods on the floor
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • No cross connector clamps
  • 3-pack of hex locking nuts with rubber stoppers for multi clamps

00324666 - MSRP $410.99/MAP $249.99
Multi-Purpose E-Drum Rack
Features include:
  • E-Rack with clamps for 3 cymbals, 4 pads and module mount
  • Upgrade rack for electronic drum stock rack systems
  • 30" tall, 36" length
  • 20" wing for module mount and hi hat stand mount
  • Clean, small footprint

00325403 - MSRP $512.99/MAP $299.99
Ethnic Percussion Made with Heart
Cajons and djembes from Tycoon are great instruments for playing at home - and they're environmentally-friendly too! Tell your customers about these popular models today.

00755230 - 2nd Generation Crate Cajon
00755730 - Crate Cajon (29cm)
00232720 - Gig Box Cajon (29 Series)
00755234 - Practice Cajon

Rope-Tuned 12" Fiberglass Djembes
00229691 - Blue & White Finish
00229998 - Dark Brown Finish
00230114 - Jamaican Finish
00226858 - Kente Finish
00230115 - Red Sunburst Finish
00229999 - Yellow Finish

Key-Tuned Traditional Djembes
00266958 - Supremo Willow Finish (12")

Rope-Tuned Traditional Djembes
00750695 - African Mango Wood (10")
00755182 - African Mango Wood (12")
00266961 - Supremo Willow Finish (10")
Top-Selling 2002 Series Cymbals
The 2002 series are legendary cymbals that defined the sound of generations of drummers since the early days of rock. The present 2002 is built on the foundation of the original classic cymbals and is expanded by modern sounds for today's progressive popular music.
03710170 - 2002 China (16") - MSRP $394.00/MAP $244.00
03710153 - 2002 Crash (17") - MSRP $426.00/MAP $264.00
03710154 - 2002 Crash (18") - MSRP $472.00/MAP $292.00
03710155 - 2002 Crash (19") - MSRP $500.00/MAP $310.00
00292337 - 2002 Extreme Crash Cymbal (18") - MSRP $472.00/MAP $292.00
03710159 - 2002 Medium (18") - MSRP $472.00/MAP $292.00
03710180 - 2002 Power Crash (19") - MSRP $500.00/MAP $310.00
03710176 - 2002 Power Ride (22") - MSRP $642.00/MAP $398.00
03710163 - 2002 Ride (24") - MSRP $750.00/MAP $465.00
03710184 - 2002 Sound Edge Hit-Hat (15") - MSRP $700.00/MAP $436.00
Hudson Music & Their Artists Thank Front-Line Workers
Please send the video shown at right to your drummer friends who are on the front line. Their drum heroes appreciate what they are doing too!

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