HI Guys
I got my first day of work the other day teaching, in the past 4 months. A few days more coming up as well. I managed to actually get out and away from book work and trying to get fitter and more mobile after the ops. Second cast I caught this one with the book on the second cast. Then a bigger one! all On a Deed Flee- dry fly. Beautiful spots on it and great condition, different than the bigger one yet from the same river.

Cicadas are also now flying - It's Cicada time right now, especially on the hot, sunny days. A hint - Put your bloody phone down and get out there, your phone will always be there, even when you die. Enjoy the news letter, it takes a while to put together and get the info and photos. Some big new things coming soon which like any artist I will need your help with, watch this space. Now get out there and have fun :) Before its too late ! and Summer has finished. Recommend the site and flies please on your social media and friends, it all helps.

Thanks Stu & Trig's
Gear shift knob- the truck
Some of you thought I was joking. I found my hip bone piece in the freezer and it reminded me that I need to boil it up and get it ready for a hopeful gear stick knob for the truck.
A few orders
Thank you to everyone that has made an order, recently and also recommended Stu's flies, book and web site to others , you all rock :). This order of Stu's flies, Jungle Blues book and cap is going out overseas to Spain! for a birthday present.
The Fishing- news paper bits
My dad may be up there somewhere floating around watching. My Mum is still back in Scotland and sending me news paper clipping's from the news papers. When I was growing up I used to hang out to read any weekly news of fishing and, still have that geek in me. Thanks mum.
The guy with the big brown caught it fishing for pike with a piece of herring for bait- Trout love chip shop fish! Fishing is fishing and fun for all.
A good magazine to have in the post
There are not too many Magazines that I read regarding fishing, many bore the pants of me, to be honest. The Drake is one that for example I have a 3 year subscription with. It's not expensive and like the fly life mag is a different quality magazine, worth getting, different!

A few interesting books
Walking the Amazon, a pretty remarkable achievement. Easy to read book an escape from everyday negative news.

Killing for Profit- an eye opener into the world of the Rhino horn and some of what goes on and why.
This has to be the most interesting pod cast you can listen to if you love anything about nature and amazing people. Byron Pace brings you to the forefront of nature environment,fish, animals, fishing, bird watching, hunting from all over the world. So bloody interesting all his pod casts and even getting better! some how. I do not know the guy, though he does have an accent.

Stu's Custom fly selections
Buy yourself a special selection of the best fishing flies, that are only available from Stu! Recommend the site and flies to your friends or anyone you don't know, :) social media etc, it all helps.


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