DS|Design v6.5.3 Update
Included in this release:
Performance Improvements
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Design to switch to software rendering mode the first time a Design update was installed on a new computer.
  • Hardware and Software rendering performance of polylines has been improved. Font rendering performance has been improved across all modes. This speedup is most noticeable when a drawing contains a plant schedule that is partially visible.
Raster Improvements
  • Rasters with long names ending in underscore can now be moved.
  • PDFs will now have the same name as the original PDF in the raster list rather than random numbers.
  • Inserting a raster now allows JPEG files ending in .jpeg and TIFF files ending in .tiff.
JPEG/PDF Export Improvements
  • Saving as JPEG or PDF will now default the paper size and orientation to match the current drawing page size.
  • Saving a JPEG will now occur in the background to prevent Design from appearing to hang. A popup notification will appear when the JPEG save finishes.
Plant List Editor Improvements
  • Spacing in the plant list editor has been adjusted to prevent sunset zones and flower colors from being partially cut-off.
  • When saving a new plant list, the default location will be My Documents.
  • Switching between sorting by botanical or common name in the Plant List Editor will rearrange the search results rather than displaying the full list of plant.
Other Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed an issue that prevented exporting to AutoCAD when a drawing contained a figure with an invalid linked text node.
  • An issue that could cause DS|Design to log an Application Error to the Windows Event log has been resolved.
  • Opening Design by double-clicking a drawing file or choosing to recover a drawing will start with the same toolboxes open that were visible when Design was last used.
  • Launching the Plant Picture Catalog export will no longer resize the Design window when using a high DPI monitor.
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DS|Design v6.5.2 is supported on Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

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