DS|Design v6.5.6 Update
Included in this release:
  1. Drawings with periods in the nameDrawing files with names containing periods can now be opened. Saving a drawing with a name containing a period will use the full name rather than the portion before the first period. Improvements have been made to avoid overwriting files with similar names.
  2. Moving and copying preview remains visibleWhen moving or copying using the tool in the Edit toolbox, the preview geometry will remain visible even if you have panned or zoomed to a point where the original location is no longer visible.
  3. Large PDF raster dialogWhen inserting a large PDF as a raster, a dialog will appear indicating the conversion is in progress rather than Design appearing to be not responding. The insert can be cancelled if desired.  
  4. AutoCAD 2018 now supportedAutoCAD import and export have been updated to use the latest version of the third party library, adding support for version 2018 DWG files.
  5. Plant schedule when botanical and common names are blankResolved an issue with softscape labeling that could cause a plant with a blank botanical or common name in the plant list to display the name of another plant on the plant schedule.

Other Fixes & Enhancements
  • Updated the DynaSCAPE PDF Writer to incorporate the latest improvements provided by the third party library.
  • Resolved an issue with hardware and software rendering where a polyline with many vertices that were zero distance apart would only be partially rendered.
  • Fixed a rendering issue that caused extra lines to appear when dotted or dashed lines were partially visible.
  • Toggling Inference mode while using the cumulative length tool will no longer silently change whether the measurement is based on an open or closed polygon.
  • Fixed an issue selecting curves with stacked vertices.
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This version is supported on Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

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