DS|Manage360 v3.18  Update
Your DS|Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version starting tonight at:  10:30 PM EST February 9, 2017 We expect this update may take up to an hour, during which time your site may be unavailable.
What's been added, improved, and changed:
  1. New! Timesheets for overnight work!
    • Timesheets can now start on the previous day and end the day of the timesheet or start on the timesheet date and continue into the next day. This allows timesheets to go overnight. Menu items to items move between days can be found in an Actions menu at the end of the timesheet item row. A grey bar at the left of the item row indicates the date the item started. New validation will prevent timesheets approval of timesheets that span more than 24 hours.
    • When creating route occurrences from Scheduling, there is a new option to also create the timesheet for the crew that will be doing the work.
    • Divisions now have a default lunch time setting. This setting is used on timesheets to set a default lunch time. If this setting is left blank, the timesheet lunch item will also be left blank by default.
  2. Added the ability to adjust the price of new work areas and kits on Change Orders.
  3. Fixed an issue with drop downs throughout the Costbook to avoid creating new items using an inactive division, cost code, supplier, or unit type.
  4. When using the default proposal, the company email address from Settings > Company Information will be displayed between the Fax Number and License Number. Clearing the email address in Settings > Company Information will prevent it from being displayed on proposals.
  5. When adding a plant or material with production labor, the labor item will use its default crew type in the following scenarios:
    • The plant size has a labor type with a default crew type that has the same division as the service/maintenance estimate it's being added to.
    • The material has a labor type with a default crew type that has the same division as the service/maintenance estimate it's being added to.
  6. Improvements have been made to item merging on Services and Maintenance Estimates:
    • Unit Price is no longer a match criteria for non-fixed price items resolving issues when Unit Price differed slightly based on rounding or if the service or estimate price had been adjusted. Note: Estimated Total displayed on Add Items to Service shopping cart may be inaccurate if a merge occurs.
    • Adding the same plant twice with two different crew types will no longer associate both plants with the same labor items. Previously, two labor items were added correctly but the second plant was associated with the wrong labor item.
    • Adding a service to an estimate that contained a plant with labor and then adding the same plant with the same labor before saving will now merge both the plant and labor items.
  7. Navigating from an opportunity to an Account and then deleting the Account will now redirect to the Account list page rather than displaying an error.  
Special Note:

Some of the updates in this next release of DS|Manage360 are for clients who have added the Maintenance module. If you are interested in adding the Maintenance module, please contact one of our account managers 1.800.710.1900 x2 or sales@dynascape.com.

The DynaSCAPE Software Team
1.800.710.1900 | accounts@dynascape.com

Your feedback is important to us, so please let us know if you experience any issues or would like to suggest any enhancements or new functionality.