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DS|Manage360 v3.40  Update
What's been added, improved, and changed:
  1. Costbook - Update Pricing - Change Profit Margin has been added to Plant and Material Common Actions. A new profit margin can be set for selected items or override profit can be cleared to make the items default to using the division profit setting.
  2. Estimating link to DS|Design -The import from DS|Design has been improved. When the drawing contained items that had incorrect identifying data, or weren't currently in the costbook the import would fail. Now those problems are handled and the items are added into the estimate.
  3. Winning a Construction EstimateConstruction jobs may now be unassigned from Crews. This will prevent the job from being automatically added to timesheets everyday. Also, when winning a construction estimate, you can now specify the projected start date of the job and also choose an assigned crew.
  4. Starting and Ending Dates for Construction Jobs - 
    Construction jobs will no longer allow blank start and end dates. 
    • New jobs will have the start and end dates defaulted to a "best guess" based on the amount of labor in the estimate - or 30 days if that isn't available.
    • Existing jobs that were missing start or end dates will have dates assigned to them. Start dates will be set to the estimate's approval date. The end date will be set to the date of the last invoice or timesheet for that job or the projected job length, whichever is last.
    • End dates can be (and should be) extended to a later date if the job is still active or it is scheduled to be done in the future.
    • New timesheets for the job's assigned crew will always contain the job if the timesheet date falls between the job's start and end date.
  5. Opportunity Report - The Opportunity Report has been improved. You can now filter by the opportunity's creation date (and see it on the report). This will allow you to run the report for a specific date range and will now display the outcome reason.
Special Note:  Some of the updates in this next release of DS|Manage360 are for clients who have added the Maintenance module. If you are interested in adding the Maintenance module, please contact one of our account managers 1.800.710.1900 x2 or .

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