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DS|Manage360 v3.42  Update
What's been added, improved, and changed:
  1. CHANGE ORDERS ENHANCEMENT - Change Orders can now be exported using our Proposal Creator. On the Change Order screen, in the actions menu, you can select the "View Proposal" action. A new page will come up and prompt you for your proposal settings as well as headers and footers. From there you can open the Word document. The document will be the same as it is for your regular landscape construction proposals. There are no change order specific elements in the document. You'll just see the items with quantity/price as either positive or negative amounts.
  2. Proposals - Proposals have been improved to combine items that are in multiple kits in the same work area into one line item. The sum of the quantities and prices will be displayed.  They will only remain uncombined if something visible is different (such as the description or unit price).
  3. Maintenance Invoices - Customer messages in work orders from contracted maintenance visits will now be included in the invoices for those visits.
  4. Job Cost Detail ReportUnit type of items will now be shown after the item name on the construction and maintenance Job Cost Detail reports. Plant size will be now shown after the plant name on construction Job Cost Detail and Job Profitability reports.
  5. Billing Summary Report - The Billing Summary Report has been updated to include the Sales Person, Estimator, and Designer for each row.  These three columns have also been added as filters, and you can choose to show or hide them. By default they are hidden.
  6. Opportunities - Opportunities list will now display the initials of the assigned Sales Person.
  7. TasksTask notification emails have been improved. The content of the email body has been added to, and the formatting has been updated. The contact vcards are now attached and will contain all the contact's phone numbers and email addresses. 
  8. Timesheets - When adding additional crew members to Timesheets, the list of potential employees will now hide inactive employees and employees that aren't set up as crew members (via existing crews or roles). This makes for a shorter list and lets you locate common crew members more easily. If you need to select an employee who isn't in the list, you can click the toggle button to show everyone. 
  9. List Page Views - when creating views in the different list pages in Manage360 that include an "Unassigned" option for designers or estimators, the following now happens: 
    • Filtering the Opportunity and Estimate lists to Unassigned designers and estimators will now work as expected.
    • Unassigned has been added as an option to the Work Order list crew filter.
    • Supervisor filter on the Job and Timesheet lists now contains supervisors rather than all employees.

  • Creating As-Needed Service Work Orders from the Scheduling Queue no longer shows an error message. 
  • The scheduling queue will no longer include route occurrences without open visits.
  • The length of opportunity, construction estimate, construction job and non-contract job names has been doubled to 80 characters.
  • Unscheduled T&M work orders will now be included in the Scheduling Queue when you filter by the service or service category of the T&M work order.
  • Improved search functionality in list pages.
  • Fixed an issue with clearing the search box after switching pages on several lists. Button styles and sizes have been made more consistent.
  • An improved data retrieval technology has been rolled out to Routing to reduce page load times.
  • New validation has been added to prevent division settings from allowing default crew sizes and working hours per day to be set to zero.
  • Timesheets will now always include the foreman, regardless of whether or not the foreman is a member of the crew.
  • Taxes text on the construction Refresh Estimate dialog is no longer cut off.
  • Opportunity List report can now be run with Prompt User unchecked and blank values in the Budget and Probability fields.
  • Improved overall loading performance of Manage360.
Special Note:  Some of the updates in this next release of DS|Manage360 are for clients who have added the Maintenance module. If you are interested in adding the Maintenance module, please contact one of our account managers 1.800.710.1900 x2 or .

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