November 2018
Calendar of Events

1: Parent-Teacher Conferences (No School)
6: Election Day; Inservice (No School)
9: Fall Picture Retakes
13-15: Holiday Luncheons (schedules below)
15: 1st & 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Program
16: Blue Ribbon Celebration, 1:45 p.m.
21-23: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

​6: 3rd Grade & Choir Performance, PTA Meeting
20-January 4: Winter Break (No School)

January :

8: Students return from Winter Break
21: MLK Day (no school)
24: Trivia Night, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Holiday Luncheons
November 13-15
Families are invited to visit the classrooms 15 minutes before lunch begins. 

Kindergarten - 11:15                        
Mrs. McCarthy: Tuesday, November 13
Mrs. Newsome: Wednesday, November 14
Mrs. Lloyd: Thursday, November 15

First Grade - 11:00     
Mrs. Bunyi: Tuesday, November 13
Mrs. Holman: Wednesday, November 14
Mrs. Kahle: Thursday, November 15   

Second Grade - 11:45                  
Mrs. K Jackson: Tuesday, November 13
Mr. Matthews: Wednesday, November 14
Mrs. Winters: Thursday, November 15    

3rd Grade - 11:30                 
Ms. Mullen: Tuesday, November 13
Ms. F Jackson: Wednesday, November 14
Ms. Tyson: Thursday, November 15      

4th Grade - 12:15             
Mrs. Kaiser: Tuesday, November 13
Dr. Mall: Wednesday, November 14
Mrs. Payne: Thursday, November 15

5th Grade - 12:00               
Mrs. Carnes: Tuesday, November 13
Mrs. Heckert: Wednesday, November 14
Mrs. Young: Thursday, November 15

6th Grade - 12:25              
Mrs. Turner: Thursday, November 15

Volunteers Needed!

Thank you for helping us make our holiday lunches a great tradition for our Discovery School families. Please sign up for a day and time that works for you.

New and Notable
PTO Transition Update
As you know, we have been working over the last several months to transition our PTA to a PTO. Doing so allows us to create our own set of rules customized to fit our school’s needs. This move also ensures that all collected funds will remain with Discovery,benefiting the students at Discovery School in whatever capacity the PTO deems most advantageous. 

To this end, on November 1st we sent a letter to the Tennessee PTA President declaring our intent to officially dissolve the PTA at our next general meeting on December 6. You may view a unsigned copy of the letter at this link:  PTA Dissolution Letter.
Sock Drive

House MOED is excited to announce their school-wide service project-collecting SOCKS!! The donated socks will go toward the "2019 Back-to-School Bash."

Over the next several weeks please have your child bring in socks and place them in any of the decorated boxes in the hallways of the school. Our goal is to collect 1,000 pairs of SOCKS!! Please help us reach this goal!

The last day to turn in socks is Friday, Nov. 16th!!
Upcoming Musical Performances

November 15th: 1st & 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Program

December 6th: 3rd Grade & Choir Performances

Cardboard Challenge!

We are in the midst of our first school-wide cardboard challenge K-6 th ! We are needing specific items made of cardboard. If you are willing and able, please send any of the following items to school: Kleenex tissue boxes, toilet and paper towel rolls, small amazon or other delivery company boxes, cereal boxes, and other small cardboard. 
Blue Ribbon Celebration

Please mark your calendars for November 16 th at 1:45. We want our families to share in this award and excitement that we have for accomplishing such an honor from our Nation’s Education Department.   
Save the Date! Trivia Night, January 24

Make plans to join us for the 2nd Annual Discovery Trivia Night on January 24 from 5:00-7:00 pm. Dust off those old Trivial Pursuit boxes. Download your deleted HQ app again. DVR some Jeopardy episodes. Start forming your teams and training now!
Teacher and Staff Favorite Things
Ready or not, it's almost the holidays, and it's a great time to lavish our teachers and staff with love and appreciation. Click the link below to find out what they would like and what to avoid. There is also a notebook at the office with favorites from last year, including some that are not available on this list.
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Cake 2
17 - Sheila Powell (Cafeteria)
19 - Tiara Vance (Kindergarten)
27 - Jenny Newsome (Kindergarten) 
PTA Board, 2018-2019
Officers*/Executive Committee
Ayat Abu Halimah
Vice President*
Laurel Parkerson
Genevieve Borendame
Julie Phillips
Anthony Brownlow
Committee Chairs
Leslie Kekelis
Communications/Newsletter Editor
Amy York
Rachel Zelenak
Jen Straka
Holly Holton
K-2 Member-at-Large
3-6 Member-at-Large
Amy Roeder