N E W S L E T T E R        Fall  2019

Director's Message
Dear Friends of DSABC,

We are well into the 2019 - 2020 school year and DSABC is very excited to be celebrating our 30 th anniversary! It is inspiring to think about the countless number of students that have been positively impacted by this organization, the volunteers, supporters and area businesses, many of which were part of the original collaboration formed in 1990. Our purpose remains the same as it was then - to foster cooperation among businesses, the community and the Danbury Public Schools to promote lifelong learning and the successful transition of youth into society and the workforce.  

As Danbury Student and Business Connection continues to roll out the rebrand initiative, we invite you to explore our newly improved website and preview our redesigned logo. With the new website and logo, we are taking the opportunity to strengthen how we represent our organization and promote our programs to volunteers, schools, partners and the community which we serve. Mentoring as a relationship leveraging experience and knowledge of caring individuals assisting in the growth and development of students has been defined as DSABC's core value.

While we adopt our new brand and look ahead to expanding our programs and developing new connections, we honor the three decades that mentors have been making a difference in the lives of Danbury Public School students. Our year-end student survey responses reinforce the fundamental principles of our mentoring program. When asked what they admire about their mentor, various mentees responded with the following: their mentor is... a good person, open-minded, helpful, easy going, positive, supportive, a good listener and pays attention.   These basic qualities are truly what matters the most.

We invite you all to join us in celebrating thirty years of mentoring - this milestone would not be possible without your continued support of DSABC.   I wish you an enjoyable and fulfilling year of mentoring!

Kind regards,


Ellen Meyst
DSABC Executive Director
Welcome Back Mentors to the 2019 - 2020 School Year

Broadview Middle School liaison, Tany Douangta, hosted a Welcome Back Breakfast for mentors on September 20th.  Principal Edie Thomas greeted the group that included two former Broadview students.
DSABC Unveils New Website & Logo  
Danbury Student And Business Connection

DSABC is proud to announce the launch of its newly revamped website at  www.dsabcmentors.org. The new site features a streamlined, modern design, improved navigation, and easy access to information for volunteers and partners.   The latest design offers a user-friendly experience and establishes a cohesive brand for DSABC.  We have added an Our Stories page to highlight the tremendous impact mentors have on students in Danbury .   The new website will be updated on a regular basis with news and additional spotlight stories.  

DSABC also revealed a new logo which features the rebranded name announced last May and encompasses our mission of connecting Danbury students with businesses and community members. Visual elements from the previous logo were kept highlighting our cornerstone program, the One-on-One School Based Mentoring Program.   

Can anyone guess which iconic Danbury building this was designed after?

School Supply Drive Gives Students Tools for Success 

Danbury Hospital generously helped students prepare for another new school year.  The Information Desk department at Danbury Hospital collected money to purchase school supplies that they kindly donated to students participating in the One-on-One Mentoring Program.  Kay Reed and Michael Ferguson, from Danbury Hospital, delivered the supplies to the students at Rogers Park Middle School, South Street School, King Street School and Great Plain School.

Save the Date
Tuesday, December 3rd

DSABC is participating in  #GivingTuesday again this year.  In addition to highlighting the collective spirit of generosity that you display through volunteerism year-round, we are hoping to raise funds to support our programs and Danbury Public School students. 

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals,  families, organizations, businesses and communities in countries around the  world.   Millions of people have come together to support and champion the  causes they believe in and the communities in which they live.

Highlights from the Year-end Survey

97% of elementary school students liked having their mentor
Activity with mentor they most enjoyed
Playing games - 83%     Talking together - 72%      Having lunch - 55%     Reading - 21%
What other activities would elementary students like to do with your mentor?
Have extra time with him - I love spending time with him, he is very fun.
Talk about my life.
Play with animals - go on adventure with her.
Play soccer.
I want him to come to my house so we can play Legos.

97%  of middle and high school students liked having their mentor 
How students would like their mentor to support them in reaching goals:
Help support and give advice for a way to reach them.
He is doing a great job already.
By being herself. 
She has given me lots of advice.

Personal qualities that students like or admire about their mentor:
She's a good person. She is funny. She is beautiful.
I like how he's open-minded to my ideas/thoughts. I also like how supportive my mentor is.
I like that she's a chill and nice person. I also like that she understands and actually pays attention.
He's cool. He's my best friend.
He's easy going. We talk about anything and I've learned a lot from him.
How supportive she is and how much of a great friend she is.
He listens.
She is helpful and positive.
She helps me and we have fun and we joke around.

100% of mentors felt their relationship with their mentee developed
in a positive or neutral manner
A few changes in students observed by mentors last year:
More confidence and better prepared for school.
She seems more mature and a little more focused.
More attentive. Won Student of the Month award.
She has an increase in trust of me and our relationship.
Positive attitude.
He smiles a lot more.
More open, happy making friends. 
Thanks to our Donors

Albert Wadsworth & Helen Clark Meserve Memorial Fund
Elisabeth Booth Barton
Rachelle Brice
Kerry O'Mahony
People's United Community Foundation
Western Connecticut State University Early Learning Center  

Danbury Public School 
Annual Golf Outing
Thank you again to the organizers of the  Danbury Public School Annual Golf Outing, Brian Betesh and Mark Ottusch, as well as all of the participants, sponsors and volunteers for the event.  DSABC is grateful for your generous donation of $4,775!
Welcome New Mentors 

One-on-One Mentoring Program

Alexandra Alvarez -  Independent
Heather Anderson -  City of Danbury
Donna Anglin -  Independent
Thandi Bradix -  City of Danbury
Lori Chefec -  Independent
Ian Cole -  Cartus
Virginia Dare -  Independent
Annemarie Dennen -  Cartus
Mevalyn Espinal -  Cartus
Jennifer Good -  Independent
Jennifer Hairston -  Cartus
Priscila Herrera -  Cartus
Tom Janesky -  City of Danbury
Nicole Marion -  City of Danbury
Brian Martucci -  Boehringer Ingelheim
Gail Mogrovejo -  Cartus
Michael Montero -  Cartus
Eileen O'Marra -  Cartus
Lisa O'Marra -  Cartus
Felipe Ricardo -  Cartus
Glenda Rodriguez-Padilla -  Cartus
Tammy Sullivan -  City of Danbury
Victoria Ward -  City of Danbury

WorkPlace Learning E-Mentoring 

Fallon Daniels -  Danbury Public Schools
Frederick Erikson -  Webster Bank
John LaRosa -  Danbury Public Schools
Sofia Nunes -  Bridgewater Associates
Lakshmi Prabhu -  Boehringer Ingelheim
Antonio Santiago -  NVCC

Recruitment & 
Community Engagement

Our liaisons at Cartus and the City of Danbury hit the ground running this Fall and actively recruited new mentors!   Jim Moretti hosted a Lunch & Learn on August 27th and added eleven new volunteers to his Cartus mentoring team.  Through Karen Ledan's outreach to all City of Danbury employees as well as COD mentors speaking to their colleagues about the program,  six new mentors have volunteered to work with Danbury Public School students.  

Thank you to ALL of our business liaisons for your continued support of our programs.  Please let us know if you would like to host a recruitment event at your business.

DSABC participated in the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce Business Forum on September 23rd.  We enjoyed the opportunity to network with businesses and community members.    
Danbury Early College Opportunity
Fall Meet and Greet

The fifth cohort of freshman participating in the Danbury Early College Opportunity (DECO) program met with their e-mentors on October 24th at Danbury High School.  In the first face-to-face meeting of the year, students and mentors worked on identifying a potential problem that can be solved using technology, a project that will continue throughout the school year.   Thanks to all of our volunteers mentoring this impressive group of students!
Mentors Jen Tomaino, Alex Gankos and Maureen Decker meet with DECO students.
DSABC is seeking additional internship opportunities with local businesses and community organizations  for DECO students.  Past DECO interns have honed their workplace skills through hands-on experience while successfully completing projects in marketing, technology, customer service, social media, event planning and content development.

Mentors Needed
The One-on-One Mentoring Program needs YOU to help us meet the requests for the new school year! Our current mentors are our best recruiters. Do you belong to a civic club or organization whose members might be interested in mentoring?   Share your experience and spread the word that DSABC is recruiting new mentors.

Approximately 75 new mentors needed to meet the requests. 

The One-on-One Mentoring Program is a school based program that matches a supportive and caring adult who assists students to succeed in school by developing a one on one relationship. Mentors serve as a positive adult role model providing moral support and encouragement.  Mentors meet with their mentee weekly at the student's school throughout the duration of the school year. 

Support DSABC While You Shop

As the busy holiday shopping season approaches, please support DSABC by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com  to generate AmazonSmile donations.  Each time you shop,  the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to DSABC.

Simply go to smile.amazon.com and select DSABC as your charity!
Throwback to 2001

Year-end Breakfast for Mentors at Great Plain School
Calendar Watch     

5 -  Professional Development - Schools Closed
11 - Veterans' Day - Schools Closed 
13, 14, 15 - Middle School Conferences - Early Dismissal
18, 19, 20 - Elementary School Conferences - Early Dismissal
27 - Early Dismissal - All Schools
28 - 29 - Thanksgiving Recess - Schools Closed

3- High School Conferences - Early Dismissal
3 - One Hour Early Release - Elementary & Middle Schools
23 - 31 - Holiday Recess - Schools Closed

We want to hear from YOU!
We are looking for mentors to include in our Mentor Spotlight series - please let us know if you would be interested in sharing your story!  In order to make our newsletter as relevant and interesting as possible, we need YOUR input for future publications.  
Email contributions to  meyste@danbury.k12.ct.us. 

Our  Mission:  Through business and community partnership, build the character and confidence of Danbury Students to achieve personal and academic success.

DSABC is a 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization. Please consider supporting our mentoring and scholarship programs .

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