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   Director's Message
Dear Friends of DSABC,

It is my privilege to address you for the first time in my new role as the Executi ve Director of Danbury Schools and Business Collaborative (DSABC). I am  incredib ly  honored to have been selected to step into the role left by my esteemed colleague Mary Gregory, whom I consider a mentor and dear friend. Mary leaves behind quite a legacy, and we are truly grateful for her dedication to DSABC over the past 11 years.

DSABC made remarkable strides under Mary's leadership, and I look forward to building upon all of this incredible work. We will continue to advance our mission of helping Danbury Public School students achieve personal and academic success through school-based mentoring, while we also seek new opportunities to grow the DSABC mentoring programs. 

I am humbled by both the opportunity and responsibility of filling this role for such an effective and respected organization. Over the past six years of working with DSABC, I've been inspired by the passionate volunteers, the incredible support from our corporate and community partners, the commitment of our Board of Directors and the dedication of the Danbury Public Schools staff.  I've been very fortunate to work with many of you for years, and I am eager to meet with our supporters in the coming months to thank you for your commitment to DSABC, strengthen our relationships and forge new partnerships. I look forward to seeing many of you at our Annual Scholarship & Awards Breakfast on May 18th.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts and ideas. I am available via email, phone or good old-fashioned coffee and conversation.

Kind regards,


Ellen Meyst
DSABC Executive Director

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DSABC in the News! 
The Society for Human Resource Management highlights the importance of youth mentoring partnerships and why employers should support volunteering. The DSABC program and several mentors are featured in the article titled,  Youth Mentoring Partnerships Are a Win-Win-Win .

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Cartus Hosts a Mentor & Mentee Gathering

Cartus hosted a field trip on  March 30th for mentors and students to gather at Cartus worldwide headquarters in Danbury. Nineteen students who participate in the DSABC program were excited to visit the office and see where their mentors work. They enjoyed playing games, having lunch and participating in various activities. DSABC appreciates Cartus for hosting this event, which the students look forward to each year!

Mentors (l to r): Juliana Rodrigues, Karen Russo, Don Briggs, Rosanne Mancini 
and Elisa Pica spend time with their mentees at Cartus.
FC Gives Event Raises $1,715
Thank you to our 2017 Fairfield County Giving Day donors!
Your generous donations will be put to great use supporting our mission to help Danbury Public School students achieve personal and academic success.  Because of your thoughtful support, we are able to help make a difference in the life of students who benefit from the unique one-on-one support that a positive role model can provide through mentoring. 
Tracey Bliss
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Kelley and Jeff Troccolo
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A Day in the Life
DSABC mentors share career 
experience with students

By Robin Provey

When the Danbury public middle schools held their annual Career Fairs this spring, a handful of Danbury Schools and Business Collaborative (DSABC) mentors were there to join in and share their career knowledge and experience.

At Broadview Middle School's career fair in April, Sarah Bollert of Cartus Corporation shared her experience as a senior corporate writer while Chip Abbott talked about being a corporate pilot. DSABC mentors Chip Daly, a Danbury fire lieutenant, and chiropractor Brian Applebee gave presentations at Rogers Park Middle School's career fair in March.

Bollert shared with students not only what it's like to be a writer, but also what it's like doing what you like. She explained that she enjoyed English so much that it was her college major. She said being a writer incorporates all of her favorite things, including being able to work from home several days a week.

"Exposing the younger generations to all types of people and personalities and careers enriches their lives and helps them discover where they fit in in the process of becoming adults and people who will eventually join the workforce. I think it's important for these students to know that they are a part of a strong and diverse community, and ultimately, that they are cared for," said Bollert.

Abbott, who flies for World Wrestling Entertainment in Stamford, shared a video of flying and talked about speed, altitude and filing flight plans, while students quickly formulated questions about what it's like to be up in the sky.

"I get great enjoyment sharing my experiences as a pilot from beginning to now in the hopes that even one child may take an interest in flying," Abbott said. "It is important, whatever vocation, to stress education naturally so much of my focus lies there. The best part is answering their questions. The kids are so thoughtful and truly interested -- that's what keeps me coming back each year."

It was the recollection of his mother's rewarding experience as a DSABC mentor that stuck with him all these years. Several years ago, he decided to honor her memory by following in her footsteps.

"There are many children who would benefit greatly from having a mentor," Abbott said. "The benefits go both ways as each mentor will surely see as they impact a child's life in even the smallest of ways."

Bollert said that she was inspired by a coworker to become a mentor.

"My belief is that adult interactions and connections with the younger generation are what grow thoughtful, confident and capable individuals," Bollert said. "Giving the one-on-one opportunity for children and teenagers to learn how to hold conversations with adults and see that an adult is invested in them gives kids the tools to successfully socialize and carry themselves in future - when they're in our shoes."

Chip Abbott - Corporate Pilot   
Sarah Bollert - Corporate Writer
Welcome New Mentors

One-on-One Mentoring Program

Howard Adams - Boehringer Ingelheim
Gary Bruce - City of Danbury
Jim Russell - City of Danbury
Mary Weise - Crown World Mobility
Danielle Apellaniz - Danbury Public Schools
Andrew Lambo - Danbury Public Schools
Rhonda Nesmith - Danbury Public Schools
James Powell - Danbury Public Schools
Scott Fay - Wells Fargo
Ana Pinto - Wells Fargo
Sheetal Rana - Wells Fargo
Eugenia Reyes Robles - Wells Fargo
Kimberly Singer - Wells Fargo
Kaylah Leonard - WCSU
Barclay Griffiths - Independent
Cynthia Hedrick - Independent
Alice Levine - Independent
Michelle Pisarick - Independent

Workplace Learning E-Mentors

Dean Singer - City of Danbury
Megha Shah - Stamford Hospital

Welcome Back Returning Mentors

Jeff Poklemba - Crown World Mobility
Owais Raza - Crown World Mobility
Arthur Sinclair - Crown World Mobility
Thanks to our Donors
Branson Ultrasonics Corporation
The Cartus Mentoring Team
Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation

Pictured: Owais Raza, Peggy Pulcare, Jeff Poklemba, Mary Weise, Arthur Sinclair, Fernanda Franco, Ellen Meyst
DSABC Welcomes Mentors from 
Crown World Mobility

DSABC conducted Mentor Training at Crown World Mobility on April 5th.    Attendees included both new and returning mentors. 
DSABC is thrilled to have Crown World Mobility as a partner and supporter in making a difference through mentoring.    
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