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Casting Released 10-11-2011   


The Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles has a casting liaison program to assist producers with casting individuals with Down syndrome in commercials, television, film and new media products.   


The casting "breakdown" is below.  Please feel free to forward this email to any families who might have loved ones interested in the role.  Thank you for your support.


Gail Williamson

Casting: Real Mom and Child age 7 to 12 with Down syndrome 


Casting breakdown:

A real mom and child with Down syndrome age 7 to 12 or there about.  These are non-speaking roles.  The story of the commercial will be the very real struggles of a single mom (no need to really be single) trying to balance motherhood and her checkbook to secure the financial future of her child.  Of course Massachusetts Mutual will have an answer for this worried mom.  It will be a lovely story.


The commercial pays $550 for each performer and residuals.  Children must have a work permit.   


Bring to the appointment, a photo of mom and child, or one of each.  Have your names and contact info on the back of the photos.  Know the sizes both mom and child wear as well as measurements, height and weight.  You want to be able to fill out any paperwork and these are the questions you will most probably need to answer.  Bring snacks in case you are at the audition for a while, and bring something to do like a hand held game, book, playing cards, something to entertain your child with. 


Here is a link to an application for a work permit from our friends at Central Casting.  Complete the application including the child's school signing off on it and take to the Van Nuys Labor Office listed here as well.  Van Nuys is the only office that offers walk in same day service.  I would advise to not take your child with you, sometimes uneducated clerks ask for a doctor's release for no reason.  So go by yourself to be safe.  Once you get your child's work permit, keep it safe, you will need it when your child works. 

Work Permit Link   


Auditions will be held in Los Angeles, Wednesday 10/12, Thursday 10/13 and Friday 10/14.  

Schedule an appointment ASAP with Sarah at 310-482-9886 or [email protected] 

How to Submit Actors with Down syndrome for other roles through the DSALA's Heart &  Halo Talent Casting Liaison for more opportunities. 


DSALA's Heart & Halo Talent 


Heart & Halo Talent, DSALA's casting liaison service began in 2004 to assist in meeting the needs of local Los Angeles casting directors.  Having actors in the DSALA files and ready to be submitted has saved a huge amount of time for the DSALA Office.


Since 2004 the talent pool has grown along with the requests from film maker's all across the U.S.   Being included is easy, the necessary documents are below.  For additional information you can go to 



H&H Information Sheet         H&H Consent form         H&H beginning resume example 



Gail Williamson

Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles



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