DSOTA is celebrating the start of our 2nd year of student arts programs with returning favorites, expanded programs, and brand new classes!
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This month, the 65 preschool students participating in the Arts-World Project at Destin School of the Arts began learning about the meaning of the South African phrase, Ubuntu .

" Ubuntu " - I am because we are.

DSOTA's Arts-World Project classes have experienced an introduction to the colorful arts of South Africa by listening to samples of beautiful South African music, playing traditional South African instruments, and beginning our September art project that we are doing in conjunction with our sister school in South Africa. Students learned about the first discovered paintings in South Africa that date all the way back to 75,000 years ago, as well as how these ancient people used art to share their stories and way of life. Art plays an important part in understanding the history of any culture!

Thanks to modern technology, in addition to all of these fun experiences, our students also had the opportunity to sing and dance with our new friends at the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley Preschool in Hermanus, South Africa! It was so exciting for our students to see their new friends and discover that even the children all the way in South Africa know the song, "Baby Shark!"

Because of the support we have had for the DSOTA Play It Forward program, Destin School of the Arts has been able to send art supplies to the students at the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley Preschool so that they are afforded the opportunity to create and learn along with us! In addition to that, we also have included Arts-World Project shirts, books about our culture and way of life here in Florida, lesson plans for the teachers, and interesting facts about our students here in Destin! This year is going to expand and welcome so many new things for all of our students (113 in all!) in each country!

The Arts-World Project is a part of Destin School of the Arts' Play It Forward Program and is available Jacob's Ladder Preschool VPK-K5 program students free of charge. If you would like to know more information about the Arts-World Project, or ways how you can help the Play It Forward through a program sponsorship or supply donation, please contact DSOTA Director, Keri Klaus at Destin School of the Arts, to share the good news of your blessing!

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DSOTA's Elementary Arts Enrichment Program is right on POINT!
September ushered our elementary age students into their Introduction to Fine Art and Painting unit for Elementary Arts Enrichment. These talented student artists have been learning about George Seurat (Pointillism), Claude Monet (Impressionism), and Georgia O'Keefe (American Modernism), while creating their own versions of the great works of these masters.

Stay " tuned " for updates on our next unit of study - Intro To Music - beginning in October!

First IMPRESSIONS matter!

Pre-K Arts Enrichment introduces our littlest artists to the great works of Seurat, Monet, and O'Keeffe
DSOTA's Pre-K Arts Enrichment students kicked off their year of arts education with a splash of color and more than a dash of inspiration! While learning about the works of George Seurat, Claude Monet, and Georgia O'Keeffe, our littlest artists got to try their hand at creating their own masterpieces using techniques developed in DSOTA's one of a kind curriculum.

Stay " tuned" for updates on our next unit of study - Intro To Music - beginning in October!

DSOTA is Taking Children's Choir to the
MAIN STAGE This Christmas!
Destin School of the Arts is thrilled to share that we are beginning rehearsals for the Christmas musical, Carol and The Belles, which will be performed on December 9, 2018 at the Exalt Service beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Carol and The Belles takes us back to the year 1954, when drive-in diners were the all the rage, the music was jumpin', Christmas television specials were brand new, and the fun was contagious! We have welcomed back the brilliantly gifted, Mrs. Sandra Day, to provide musical direction and DSOTA Director, Keri Klaus, will be directing the production. Music rehearsals will be each Wednesday following SURGE from 5:45 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. Participating students who are already attending SURGE will be picked up by a DSOTA representative and walked over for rehearsal in the choir room located in Destin School of the Arts (Building A at DUMC). A full rehearsal schedule will be posted following solo/speaking part auditions on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

If your child would like to join their friends in being a part of this exciting production, please contact DSOTA Director Keri Klaus or DUMC Coordinator of Children and Family Ministries, Christy Larsen.

´╗┐DSOTA Dance is Raising the BARRE!
The 2018-2019 program year is leaping to new heights and we couldn't be more excited! September 2018 brought an expansion to our DSOTA Dance program with the addition of THREE new classes! Tutu Cute (2-3 year olds), Beginning Ballet (K-2nd grade), and Primary Ballet (4th Grade +) have joined Pre-K Ballet (4-5 year olds) on the roster of available ballet classes offered at Destin School of the Arts.
There are still available spots in Beginning and Primary Ballet. If you would like more information about our DSOTA Dance program or class availability, please tap below:
Destin School of the Arts proudly offers private instruction for student artists of all ages in:
  • Music - piano, drum, guitar
  • Musical Theatre
  • Vocal Performance
  • Acting
  • American Sign Language

Fresh Foodies (Adult) - Nov. 2018
Beginning Tap (Adult) - Nov. 2018
Beginning Level Acrylic Painting (Adult) - Jan. 2019
Beginning Watercolor Painting (Adult) - Jan. 2019
For more information on these, or any of the classes offered at Destin School of the Arts, please contact DSOTA Director, Keri Klaus by tapping here
DESTIN SCHOOL OF THE ARTS is committed to providing a safe, enthusiastic, & inspirational learning environment for student artists of all ages who are striving to learn a new skill, explore different creative art forms, or hone the gift of their talent to enhance the beauty of the world around us - God's greatest masterpiece.