July 7, 2016
The Department of Health (DOH), Office of Mental Health, and Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services will hold a webinar on July 14 from 2:00pm-3:00pm to discuss integrating primary care and mental health and/or substance use disorder services. Please register online by clicking here.
The webinar will address concerns related to integration and the licensure threshold application process, and will provide an overview of the billing process by provider and application type.
Click here to access a copy of the previously released frequently asked questions about integrated care.
The DSRIP Mid-point Assessment has arrived. Beginning DY2 Q1 (period ending June 30, 2016) the NYS DOH Independent Accessor (IA) will be evaluating every PPS participating in the DSRIP program. The mid-point assessment will include a 360 survey, to be initiated in August with a web based survey sent to selected network partners of each PPS.
The selection of the partners for the survey will be based on our current network and will include partners from every provider type to ensure a cross-section. We'll be notified of the sample participants by mid-July, the 360 survey will be released to selected partners on August 1, 2016 and all responses are planned to be returned by August 31, 2016. Click here to learn more about the Mid-Point Assessment.
The Commonwealth Fund recently published a report, Implementing New York's DSRIP Program: Implications for Medicaid Payment and Delivery System Reform, which describes the tremendous undertaking of New York State to redesign Medicaid. The report highlights the influence of this effort to transform health care systems in other states. The report was developed through interviews with federal and state officials, thought leaders from national health care organizations, and New York stakeholders involved in the implementation of Medicaid Redesign. Click here for the full report.
New York State Health Foundation Announces new CBO RFP

New York State will sponsor community-based organizations, health departments and low-resource organizations to attend and present at conferences related to building healthy communities. RFP due June 30, 2017. Click here to learn more.
A key goal of NYSHealth's building healthy communities priority area is to create healthy communities that lead to more New Yorkers of all ages eating healthy foods, being physically active, and having access to a range of programs that encourage healthy life choices.
Across Suffolk County, widespread health system-level gaps have led to inappropriate use of services and poor health outcomes for the Medicaid and uninsured populations. Fragmented clinical services have led to high disease prevalence, poor health outcomes and silos in delivery of care for patients with complex issues and chronic disease.
As a solution to this problem and as the lead organization managing the DSRIP program in Suffolk County, the Population Health Team for Stony Brook Medicine has developed a 'Population Health Management Roadmap.' The Roadmap outlines the foundational building blocks that are important factors for successful participation in DSRIP and future population health endeavors that are geared towards improving population health and clinical outcomes, while lowering system costs and improving patient satisfaction.
The Stony Brook University Hospital CEO Blog, posted by Reuven Pasternak, MD highlights the Population Health Management Roadmap, click the story to read more, Stony Brook Team leading the DSRIP Effort in Suffolk County Develops Population Health Management Roadmap.
Children Friendship Togetherness Smiling Happiness Concept
This summer, Hudson River Health Care in collaboration with Long Island Cares is offering FREE breakfast for children under the age of 18!
This series will be held at the local HRHCare Brentwood Health Center during the hours of 9:30am-11:30am on every Sunday in July and every Saturday in August. Please help us spread the word across the Suffolk Care Collaborative! 
Click here to access the program flyer in Spanish & English!
Teamwork Team Together Collaboration Meeting Office Brainstorming Concept WELCOMING NEW STAFF TO THE SCC!
Jennifer Kennedy, RN, BSN, MS, Director, Care Transition Innovation
Jennifer joins us from National Healthcare Associates, where she led clinical care redesign strategy to move her organization towards value-based payment reform, participation in bundle payment initiatives and created ACO partnerships. In addition, Jennifer led and motivated a clinical integration team to facilitate an integrated approach to care delivery with acute care providers.
In her role as Director of Care Transition Innovation, Jennifer will be supporting our care transitions initiatives and innovations under the DSRIP project management office projects' TOC and INTERACT. Jennifer will be working directly with our PMs, workgroups, Hospital and post-acute care partners to implement care transitions interventions to reduce the prevalence of potentially avoidable hospital readmissions.
Leslie Vicale, MPH, Project Manager, Clinical Improvement Strategy
Leslie joins us from the National Quality Forum in Washington DC where she worked as a Project Manager for the Population Health Framework, Cardiovascular Consensus Development Process project, and facilitated the creation of the Community Action Guide to Population Health Improvement . Leslie completed her Master of Public Health at the George Washington University in August 2015 and interned at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Leslie will be managing both the Diabetes and Cardiology programs under DSRIP as well as many other clinical improvement program and strategy initiatives.
Job woman showing hiring sign. Young smiling Caucasian   Asian businesswoman isolated on white background.
The SCC is pleased to invite qualified career seekers to apply for open positions. Whenever new opportunities become available, they will be posted here.
Current job openings:
  1. Care Manager
  2. Data Integration Analyst
  3. Social Worker
  4. Director, Clinical Programs Innovation
  5. Provider Engagement Liaison
  6. Project Manager: Workforce Development
  7. Project Manager: PCMH Practice Facilitation
  8. Community Engagement Liaison
For more information, please contact the Suffolk Care Collaborative.