January 18, 2016
NYS DOH Resources & Updates

NYS DOH DSRIP Program Opt-Out Letters Update    
The New York State Department of Health will send out Phase 2 of "opt-out" letters to Medicaid members in mid-February. These letters inform Medicaid members on how they can remove themselves from sharing their Medicaid claims information to their assigned PPS.

The Medicaid member must return the opt-out form or call the DOH hotline in order to not have their information shared with the PPS. Additional key notes:
  • Medicaid members have the right to not have their personal protected health information shared with the local PPS by "opting out."
  • Opting out means NYS will not share the Medicaid information with the local PPS about the Medicaid member's previous care and treatment.
  • Opting out means the PPS will not have Medicaid information about that member and may not be able to direct services to that member.
  • Providers still share information with each other for patient treatment as they do today.
  • All Medicaid members are still counted in State and PPS performance measures but data is not available at the opted out member level.
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Integrated Services Webinar on January 26th
The three New York State agencies of Department of Health, Office of Mental Health and Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services will be hosting an Integrated Services webinar on Tuesday, January 26th from 2:30pm - 4:30pm.   
The purpose of this webinar is to review the Integrated Services requirements, and the regulations and policies surrounding them. There will be a presentation, followed by time for Q&A, where webinar participants will be able to type in questions during the interactive period. If you are unable to attend, the session will be recorded and we will announce the link , when it is made available, so interested parties will be able to access it.  
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DSRIP Year 1 Timeline Revised
The DSRIP Year 1 Timeline has been updated to reflect recent changes to key DSRIP deliverables.  
The updates include:
  • The date for performance payments to be released to PPS
  • Announcement of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the procurement of a DSRIP Independent Evaluator. 
  • The release of the Mid-Point Assessment Tool for public comment in early February
  • The release of a revised draft Value Based Payment Roadmap in late March. 

A new DSRIP Year 2 Timeline, which begins April 1, 2016, has also been released. 

Click here to access the timeline.

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SCC Career Opportunities 

The SCC is pleased to invite qualified career seekers to apply for open positions. Whenever new opportunities become available, they will be posted here.

Current job openings:
  1. Care Manager
  2. Community Engagement Liaison 
  3. Data Integration Analyst
  4. Social Worker
  5. IT Project Manager
  6. Clinical Improvement Program Implementation Specialist
For more information, please contact the Suffolk Care Collaborative.

Suffolk Care Collaborative

Office of Population Health

Stony Brook Medicine
HSC L5 Room 058
Stony Brook NY 11794-8520
Tel: (631) 638-2227