June 24, 2015
DSRIP Project Requirement Updates
The NYS Department of Health released DSRIP baseline performance data, including annual performance targets for Demonstration Year 1. This information will be used by State PPS's to operationalize plans and processes around managing these measures.

To guide PPS's, the NYS DOH released a webinar, the "DSRIP Performance Measures: Annual Improvement Targets and Baselines". The webinar covers the foundations of the DSRIP baseline measures, how to interpret them, and how these measures are used to drive payment in conjunction with Achievement Values. To access the "DSRIP Performance Measures: Annual Improvement Targets and Baselines" webinar, please click here.


In addition, the latest Measurement and Specification Manual can be found through the following link.


The NYS DOH also revised the Domain 1 DSRIP Project Requirements Milestones and Metrics document. This document provides clarification to questions raised by PPS's in response to the prior version released in March 2015. To access the document, please click here

Clinical Committee Highlights    


The Clinical Committee, which meets monthly, is charged to assist the Board of Directors to establish programs to foster collaboration across different settings, develop and implement a quality assurance and improvement program, and performance reporting process.


At the June 15, 2015 meeting the Committee received updates on the development of Care Management and Performance Evaluation and Management programs from Althea Williams, Sr. Manager for Community Engagement and Kevin Bozza, Director for Network Development & Performance at SCC, respectively. The Committee also had the opportunity to review and discuss the Clinical Summary Guideline for Project 3.d.ii: "Expansion of Asthma Home-based Self-management Program", developed by the project workgroup and committee and presented by Susmita Pati, MD, the Project Lead.

Hand underlining Reminder with red marker on transparent wipe board.
Members of the Suffolk PPS are invited to attend the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. The meeting will be held at the Islandia Marriott Long Island, 3635 Expressway Drive North, Islandia, NY 11749.
Registration begins promptly at 8:30am. The meeting will begin at 9:00am and conclude at 12:00pm.   
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