August Newsletter
Thank you for allowing us to provide you with the highest quality landscape stone. We know the importance of your project looking its absolute best!
Do You Know How Landscape Stone is Sorted?
Quality control is an aspect of knowing how the product is sorted for size. Learning about the methods gives insight on why there can be slight size variations within product orders.

There are 3 main methods for sorting landscape stone.
  • Static "Grizzly" Screen
  • Vibrating Deck Mesh Screen
  • Hand Sorting & Palletizing

CLCA LASGV 2019 Award
CLCA Beautification Awards
Congratulations to Garden Butterfly on her multiple awards for the 2019 CLCLA Beautification Awards for the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley chapter.

We are excited to have presented her with the Special Effects Award for the Pollinator Paradise project, for creative use of unique materials and/or methods.

Day in the Life at DSS
Employee Highlight: Mary Culbert, Decorative Stone Solution’s amazing Office Manager.

She has been serving our customers and clients since August of 2017. You will find her doing a little bit of everything from A/P & A/R to Human Resources and even Sales Support. She has a B.A from Rutgers University NJ, and a Masters in Education. She has a background in sales that shines when she’s assisting with your orders. You’ll find her smiling and enjoying the aspects of DSS’ small company vibe, flexibility and awesome staff.
Del Mar Civic Center
Del Mar Civic Center
Project Highlight at the Del Mar Civic Center.
A beautiful design for a series of public outdoor plazas and garden spaces available for public uses and events.
The aesthetics of this project are fantastic with the contrasting colors of landscape stone and plants.

Install by  Ciro's Landscaping

Coverage Calculator
It is a remarkable resource!
It contains density weights for all of our products. Which means, it is most accurate tool for determining the amount of material a given area will require. Other calculators only provide generic conversion calculations for an average rock density, not product specific results like ours.

To find the needed coverage for your project:

  • Browse the DSS Product Catalog to find the products you want.
  • Click on the 'Coverage Calculator' button.
  • In the coverage calculator, some products may have more than one type of application. Choose the drop down selection of the application type appropriate to your project.
  • Enter the area that needs to be covered in square feet.
  • Enter the depth in inches needed of the material. Make sure the depth entered is greater than the minimum depth specified in the application type.
  • The amount needed will be displayed at the bottom of the page.  
  • If you want to add the product to a quote request, simply click on the 'Add to Quote' button

Compaction Example
Proper Compaction
Compaction Confusion?
Proper compaction is a bit of an art form! The moisture content must be just right for the material (D.G. or Base) to get properly compacted. Too much water and the material will just get pushed around like mud. Too little water and material will not take compaction and stay loose.

Here are a couple of images that show what freshly installed, well compacted material looks like. The larger aggregate pieces get pushed down into the fines for a smooth hard surface.

Clearance Stone - Still Available!
Designing on a budget?
We have miscellaneous inventory that needs a forever home!

  • Flagstone
  • Dimensional Travertine
  • Cobble
  • Natural Thin Stone Veneer
  • Wall Rock
  • Rubble
  • Lava Rock
  • Boulders
  • Bricks, pavers, and more

We inherited these products and are not able to sell them through our normal distributor channel. They are only taking up space and we need them gone.
Here is the  full list  of what is available for will call at our Menifee, CA location.

File name in Dropbox (link) will mention how many pallets we have of the item. List is updated daily. If you see a picture of it, we still have it.

*$50 per pallet is an absolute steal as some of these items retail for $400-$500 per pallet.
*Items must be purchased in full pallet quantities*
*These are all one offs. We will never have more of these items, so do not contact us asking for more after purchase.

*Please email, call, or text (760) 566-9428 us to set up an appointment to view these items. We are not a retail location set up to handle walk in customers.

*All sales are absolutely final, no returns or refunds of any kind.
*Cash only sales, no delivery option.
*Many of the wooden pallets are unsafe to load with our forklift and will need to be hand loaded by buyer. 
We do have minimal staff willing to assist if time allows.
We don’t pretend to be travertine experts and we are probably butchering some of the names and terms, but we do know that they are a hell of deal!

Spread the word: Please share with wholesale and independent contractors, new home buyers and backyard fixer uppers!
ASLA National Convention
You're Invited!
The Annual Conference on Landscape Architecture is coming to San Diego in the fall.

Join Us: November 15-18, 2019
Be sure to visit us in the Expo at Booth #2427.

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