Retail in Canada
US-based footwear behemoth DSW Inc. has changed its corporate name amid a strategy shift that will see new innovations as well as new stores open across Canada. We spoke with the company’s Canadian president about a three-year plan for growth in the Canadian market. (Retail Insider)
Say goodbye to the gritty coffeeshops of Amsterdam and hello to the sleek, sophisticated retail outlet. (National Post)

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Environment Minister Graham Letto defended the timeframe last week, when he told CBC News that he "lead[s] by consultations" and wanted to ensure he was engaging stakeholders before steamrolling ahead with the legislation. (National Post)
Interestingly, both brands are now moving into physical retail spaces. Casper opened a storefront in Toronto last year, and has presence in Hudson’s Bay stores. Around the same time, Endy was bought by SleepCountry, although the company operates as a separate entity, and Endy is not available at SleepCountry, which has its own bed-in-a-box product called Bloom. (Toronto Sun)
Here's what’s working and what isn't according to those involved in the cannabis retail industry. (National Post)
This week part two of our interview with Blue Mountain Village Association President Andrew Siegwart chatting about Chinese tourism and the best ways for retailers to maximize the visitor opportunity, plus and exclusive interview with Rent Frock Repeat Co-Founder & President Kristy Weiber breaking news on the pivot for this award winning eCommerce site.

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March 22 , 2019
Retail Around the World
Under-served or small addressable market? The far West Side of Manhattan has been a “dead zone” for decades. Will the Hudson Yards combination of retail, residential, office, and entertainment space create a compelling magnet for new residents and consumers? Will Santa move from Macy’s in midtown, to Hudson Yards? (The Robin Report)
Dollar General’s net sales increased 8.5 percent to $6.6 billion in Q4 2018 compared with $6.1 billion in the year-ago period. ( Progressive Grocer )
The question Uniqlo faces now is whether it can inherit the Gap’s empire without repeating its mistakes. To do so, it will have to convince shoppers across the country of a proposition that’s radical for the industry. ( The Atlantic )
“The last few years of growth in resale have been driven by early adopters, but now skeptics are coming around in droves,” James Reinhart, founder and CEO of thredUP, said in a press statement. “The ‘resale customer’ is no longer a niche group–it’s everyone.” (Fast Company)
In the past few years, Amazon has hired more than 150 PhD economists, making it probably the largest employer in the field behind institutions like the Federal Reserve, which has hundreds of economists on staff. (CNN)
In a sign of the growing backlash against “cashless” stores around the country, the City of Philadelphia will require retailers to accept legal tender starting this summer. (NYT)

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News For Retail Entrepreneurs
Vancouver’s Donnelly Group and City Cannabis Co. are among the B.C. companies planning to open the provincial limit of eight stores in B.C., as well as outlets elsewhere in Canada. Others, such as JAK Group, are charting out where to place stores within the province. (Vancouver Courier)
The time-bending concept is that Morin sells "missing pieces of history" from the past — such as books by Molière dating back to 1774 — clocks that mark the present, and drones, which he believes will shape the future. ( CBC )
Ontario retailer Green Earth says it is going out of business and closing down all of its 29 locations across the province. (CBC)
Spotlight on Unified Retail Commerce
Integrated data is helping retailers develop enhanced strategic merchandising plans. (Canadian Retailer)
The company will take a cut of each transaction, what it’s calling a “selling fee.” Instagram won’t say how much it’s going to take, but even a small fee could add to the company’s business growth — an incentive considering parent company Facebook’s revenue growth has been slowing. (ReCode)
Now in its fifth year, Canadian Tire’s long-running “Tested for Life in Canada” platform was originally conceived as a small-scale content program. It has since morphed into a self-sustaining operation that currently informs both its marketing and the merchandising of products on shelf as it amps up efforts to be more authentic. ( Strategy)
Here’s a look at the big trends predicted to influence future grocery shoppers, along with strategies that can help retailers future-proof their businesses. (Forbes)
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