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Welcome to the first edition of the DSpace Community Newsletter. This newsletter summarizes the most significant activities within the DSpace community. We plan to send this newsletter on a quarterly basis: March, June, September and November. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please subscribe. (If you subscribe, Lyrasis will only send emails pertaining to the DSpace Community Newsletter.)

On behalf of DSpace Governance, welcome to the new quarterly DSpace Community Newsletter! We look forward to sharing timely governance news with our community via the Newsletter. – Maureen Walsh, Chair, DSpace Leadership and Steering Groups



Now Available: DSpace 7.5

We are pleased to announce the release of DSpace 7.5! This release provides new features along with many improvements and bug fixes for the 7.x series of releases.

The 7.5 release concentrates on porting older 6.x features into 7.x, resolving three Tier 2 priorities, two Tier 3 priorities and two Tier 4 priorities in our 7.x technical roadmap. As of 7.5, all 6.x features listed in Tiers 1-3 have now been ported to 7.x. Donated features and improvements are also included in this release. For full release details, please visit our blog.

Download DSpace 7.5


The DSpace Leadership Group approves the overall priorities and strategic direction of the program. The Leadership Group is made of members that contribute annually to the program, along with representatives from the DSpace Community at large who are particularly committed to the program, including Registered Service Providers. The Leadership Group meets quarterly.

The DSpace Steering Group is the primary decision-making body of the DSpace Program. It sets the strategic direction of the program, with advice and consent of the Leadership Group. It provides ongoing program oversight and ensures that the priorities of the Leadership Group and members are met. Steering Group members are elected and empowered by the Leadership. The Steering Group meets monthly.

The Leadership and Steering meetings the first quarter of this year focused on planning and funding the feature completion for DSpace 7. See the technical update below for more information on the release of DSpace 7.5, the plan for DSpace 7.6, and the return to the prior release scheduling of one major release per year for the future DSpace 8.0. Funding for the development of DSpace 7 is supported by the community’s contributions to the DSpace Development Fund


DSpace 7 nearing feature completion:

Planning for 8.0 will begin in 2023

As we approach the two year anniversary of DSpace 7, the DSpace Steering Group would like to announce that 7.x will be considered “feature complete” as soon as it has achieved sufficient feature parity with 6.x. We expect this feature complete status to arrive in 2023, likely in either the 7.6 or 7.7 release (to be announced).

Once 7.x is “feature complete”, DSpace will revert to its previously established Release Numbering Scheme and release schedule. Only major releases (8.x, 9.x, etc.) will receive new features. Additional minor releases will only contain bug fixes. Similarly, DSpace will revert to its prior release scheduling of one major release per year, with regular bug fix releases as necessary.

If you or your institution have any questions, please get in touch. Please refer to the community announcement for more information.


If we missed any news, please email us with your news to add to the DSpace website and social accounts.

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We are excited to announce that 4Science has recently launched a new DSpace 7 repository platform for the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS). The IAS is a renowned institution dedicated to the advancement of science, scholarship and innovation, and 4Science is proud to have been selected as the provider of its digital repository. The updated platform, accessible at, offers a comprehensive solution for the management and dissemination of research outputs and other digital assets produced by IAS faculty, staff and affiliates. With its user-friendly interface, advanced search capabilities and robust content management features, the 4Science-powered DSpace 7 repository platform is poised to become an essential tool for IAS researchers and staff alike. 4Science enabled an enhanced DSpace 7 data model to meet IAS-specific needs with many different features that will help IAS achieve their impact, dissemination and prestige.

4Science and TUHH partnership for the ORCID Technical Integration Grant Project

In 2023, Technische Universität Hamburg aimed to improve the ORCID login process to DSpace-CRIS, which is challenging for new users and existing users who have not yet connected their account to ORCID. This project, with technical implementation conducted by 4Science, will directly benefit all users of DSpace-CRIS around the world, including many in the fund focus group.

We are an ORCID Certified Partner, and we’ve been the main player in the development of the integration of ORCID in DSpace. Thanks to our extensive technical expertise, we are committed to ensuring that TUHH and its users enjoy a seamless and efficient login experience.

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Atmire welcomes 23 new repository projects in the past 8 months. Read More.

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DSpace Praxistreffen 2023 took place March 23 and 24, 2023, as a face-to-face meeting in Berlin, Germany and was organized by the Technical University of Berlin - University Library and The Library Code GmbH. Thank you for your attendance and thank you to all the speakers. Presentations are available on the wiki.

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Some news and highlights from DSquare Technologies.

DSquare Technologies contributed the Recent Submission module to DSpace 7.3.

For the first time in the history of DSpace, the software received a Hindi translated user interface. This interface will benefit a large DSpace community from the Indian sub-continent. We are happy to share that this was contributed by DSquare Technologies.

DSquare Technologies developed and contributed comprehensive DSpace 7 user documentation, which was not the case for previous versions. Similar to technical documentation, a comprehensive user documentation is equally important to empower the user community to utilize the application efficiently.

In addition to the comprehensive user documentation about DSpace 7, we have prepared video walkthroughs to help users to get familiar with various modules of DSpace 7. These videos are made publicly available for the community by DSquare Technologies.

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DSpaceDirect is pleased to report that they have migrated all hosted clients from DSpace 6 into DSpace 7, with nearly half of those completely in production on the new version. Migrations commenced in late 2021 and will be concluded the end of July this year.


PCG Academia has been contracted by the top two Polish Universities – University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University in Krakow to migrate their current scientific repositories based on DSpace to the newest version, DSpace 7.


As part of its engagement, PCG will customize the interface of DSpace to the individual needs of the two universities, integrate the repository with the existing university information systems, provide a Polish language version of DSpace, and develop on-demand functionality required by each of the institutions. PCG will also provide a Blackboard Ally module to both universities, to increase the accessibility and attractiveness of the content stored in their scientific repositories. 


In addition to working with Jagiellonian and Warsaw universities, PCG is in the final stage of implementing DSpace 7 at SWPS University in Warsaw – a top Polish private university and The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków – one of the oldest artistic schools in the nation. 


PCG Academia is a Gold Partner of Lyrasis and is based in Warsaw, Poland. The firm is a subsidiary of Public Consulting Group from Boston and has a diversified portfolio of products and services addressing the needs of higher education institutions. 


In the area of science management, PCG offers services related to implementation, customization, and maintenance of DSpace repository. In addition, the firm has developed its own module supporting the ministerial reporting and the national scientific evaluation process – Sciencecloud, which captures ca. 20% of the market share in Poland. Most recently PCG has become the partner of Elsevier and is now responsible for distribution and integration of the Pure system to Polish clients. 

Recent Webinar on 7.5

On March 29, DSpace Technical Lead Tim Donohue and DSpace Program Coordinator Natalie Baur hosted a DSpace 7.5 question and answer session. This free webinar reviewed the latest DSpace release and provided answers to community questions about DSpace 7.5. Over 200 DSpace community users attended. Thank you for making this another successful online event.

Please refer to the Q&A document or view a recording of the webinar.


Look for DSpace Governance, Community Members and Service Providers at Open Repositories 2023 in Stellenbosch, South Africa, June 12-15, 2023! Watch for more details.


DSpace is funded through the contributions of members that allocate their annual funding to supporting and developing DSpace. Membership provides opportunities to participate and influence the direction of the software. If your institution is not yet a member in support of DSpace, please join today!

SPOTLIGHT: DSpace Around the World

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DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT)

The DSpace Community Advisory Team holds monthly open Zoom meetings for repository managers, developers and users of DSpace. Join us April 11, 2023, at 12:00 EDT, 16:00 UTC for a presentation and Q&A on DSpace 7 Configurable Entities.

All those interested in DSpace are welcome to attend our monthly DCAT meetings. This year we are dedicating our monthly calls to support repository managers and developers who are implementing DSpace 7. – Maureen Walsh, Chair, DSpace Community Advisory Team

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