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Are you a Downtown Santa Cruz business owner and interested in serving on the Downtown Association Board? Nomination Forms are now being accepted.

It is the Mission of the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz to provide leadership, in order to create, promote and develop Downtown Santa Cruz as a vibrant and successful business, entertainment, residential and community center.

The Board of Directors is composed of individuals representing assessed businesses within the Business Improvement District. Each Board member agrees to serve a two year term and is eligible to serve up to three consecutive terms. 

The Board’s charge is to ensure that funds are raised and spent responsibly, that the organizational structure and its policies are feasible and efficient, and that the organization works to fulfill its mission and represent its members.

Board meetings focus on policy and prioritization and review of the work of staff and the individual committees. At meetings, members collectively set policies, address legal issues, coordinate planning and review financial statements. Each year in March and April, the Board approves the annual budget. The Board Chair, works with the Executive Director to set meeting agendas.

The Downtown Association Board meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 8:30am, currently via Zoom. For a list of current board members  visit our website .

If you are interested in being considered for the Board please submit yourself for nomination here by Monday, June 22nd.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly as well.

Thank you!

Abra Allan, Interim Executive Director

Sonja Brunner, Operations Director and Membership Coordinator
Downtown Parking Updates
Press Release:

Intro to eBikes Virtual Workshop
Intro to eBikes Virtual Workshop
Thursday, June 25th
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (1 hour)

As shelter-in-place restrictions relax, are you curious about making your morning commute easier? Want to learn more about how eBikes can help conquer your commute, saving you both time and money?

Maybe you’ve thought about biking to work, but you’re concerned about hills, distance, or the extra time it will take you. Perhaps you’d love to ride, but you are a busy parent with kids to transport and errands to run. From hauling kids, to arriving to work sweat-free, this workshop will explore eBike options for a diversity of lifestyles.

Ecology Action staff will provide an overview introduction of eBikes. Topics will include frequently asked questions, different eBike technologies, cost, environmental benefits, and investigate if eBikes can really replace cars. We'll also dive into the question on everyone's mind: “Are eBikes cheating?” Spoiler alert: they’re not.

See more info and sign up below! 
Workshop Registration
Facebook Event 

Happy riding!

Matt Miller  (he/him/his)
Ecology Action
Program Specialist
Direct  831-515-1324  Mobile  916-849-6220
Web   ecoact.org   Email   mmiller@ecoact.org
Address   877 Cedar St. Suite 240 Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Any specific questions regarding COVID-19 County Health Orders as it pertains to your business and reopening, feel free to also contact Santa Cruz County Health directly at: 831-
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