Dear DTCM Customers,

I hope everyone and their families are continuing to stay healthy and cope with all that is happening in the world. I am hopeful that the end is in sight, that we just need to hang on for a few more months.

As we move toward 2021, I am inviting you to sign up for the
Winter 2020-2021 Contactless Clean-Up Special.

We have made it through the spring, summer and fall. We continue to rely heavily on our computers while working from home, ordering groceries and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. It remains important to keep our computers running smoothly and out-of-reach from the "bad guys." The criminals continue to take advantage of our circumstances by sneaking malicious software, adware and ransomware onto our systems. Some reports indicate the number of attacks have doubled since the beginning of COVID, and the infections are more damaging and harder to repair than in the past. I recommend you have your computer serviced at least once per year.

A Note to Comcast customers:

Proper maintenance helps keep your information safe.

The Winter 2020-2021 Clean-Up service can help your computer make it through the winter and beyond. A 1.5 - 2 hour REMOTE* session allows me to thoroughly check out your computer. I'll clean up all the junk that has accumulated since the last cleaning, check your antivirus and firewall, test for failing hardware and update out-of-date software. I'll run anti-virus and anti-malware scans to make sure your important information is protected and safe. When I am finished, I'll provide you with a report outlining all of the items I checked and I'll review my notes with you.

Please allow me to help you keep your trusty companion secure and running smoothly. I strongly recommend that you signing up for this service if you missed the mid-year clean-up.

*I can do all of the items on the checklist via a remote access session with you. You do not have to be at your computer while I work, though I may need your assistance to help me reconnect if I have to reboot the computer.

Once again, I'm stressing protecting your data. Specifically:

Data backups - Do we have a plan in place? Is it up-to-date? Do you have a cloud storage option to further protect your important data in case of disaster? Let's get this done!

Hard drive health - How old is it? Is it showing signs of wear? Is your computer running slower because of an old spinning-type hard drive?

Out of date programs - Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January, 2020. It ended support for Office 2010 this past October. These are real security issues that should be addressed if you have not already.

After I finish the clean-up, I'll spend a few minutes covering these topics and reviewing my final report with you.

I'll continue offering this "peace-of-mind" service at $175 for the first computer. Discounts are available for multiple computers. This special pricing is available through the end of January, 2021.

Please note that costs for parts and labor beyond the cleanup tasks are extra.

As in the past, time slots will fill up quickly.

Hurry! Call or e-mail me today. Your computer will thank you.

Call: (847) 338-3803
As always, I appreciate your business and your referrals!

Dave Mason,

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