Board of Directors Election is now
open for Nominations       
Are you interested in running for the RALSC's Board of Directors? Well, it is once again time for the Association's Directions Election.

The Board of Directors Election & Nomination process is as follows:

The Board consist of fifteen elected Directors who shall be REALTOR® Members of the Association. The fifteen (15) elected Directors shall serve in a representative capacity with three (3) Directors being elected from each of the four (4) Districts within Lake & Sumter Counties and one District at large which consist of members that come from Lake, Sumter and other areas within Florida. 

For purposes of qualifying for election to a seat on the Board of Directors for a particular district, a member is “from” a district where the member normally and customarily conducts business at the time of being nominated for said seat and for 6 months immediately prior thereto is located in the same district for which said member is being nominated to be elected. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a Director’s term has expired immediately prior to commencing their tenure as Immediate Past President or President, then said Director shall continue to serve as a Director, At Large, on the Board of Directors while serving in such position, and the number of Directors serving on the Board of Directors shall be expanded up to 17 Directors, and the seat vacated by the Director serving as Immediate Past President or President shall be available to a successor to be elected to said vacated director position.

Members that wish to serve on the board need to complete the attached Directors Application and submit it to the Association no later than 5pm Friday, August 2, 2019 . The Association’s Nominating Committee will meet on August 5 th and select at least 1 qualified candidate from each District open for election. The Slate will therefore move to the Board of Directors for approval at their meeting on August 15 th , once approved by the Board of Directors the Slate of Directors running for election to the 2020 Board of Directors will be distributed to all members. The Election will take place in the month of September. 

The Election process will be emailed to all REALTOR ® members during the first week of September, after the Election Petition deadline.

Individuals that have any questions in regard to the election process should contact the Association’s CEO at 352-343-5429.
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