DUNS Requirements

SHCC Listserv #170 - July 10, 2017

On June 2, 2017, HUD released a memorandum requiring DUNS numbers on all voucher submissions beginning December 1, 2017. Notice H 2011-01, previously issued on January 5, 2011, outlined the requirement for all owners with Project-Based Assistance Contracts to (1) obtain a DUNS number and (2) register the number with a central contractor registration which is (SAM). 

Failure to submit an active DUNS number on your voucher submission will result in a suspension of housing assistance payments (HAP).

Any vouchers that do not contain an active DUNS number will receive a TRACS Fatal Error and the Owner/Agent will be required to resubmit their voucher.  While owners may have complied with the requirement for getting a DUNS number, remember you also have to renew your registration on the SAM system each year. In order to avoid any delay in receiving your HAP payments, please take the time to confirm that you have registered for a DUNS number and that the number is active with SAM. Additionally, you must update your voucher processing software to include both the DUNS and TIN numbers on voucher submissions. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the TRACS Data Analyst assigned to your property, which can be found at: